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    Pearl hunting in ISC archives yields new things to learn

    We all know that the number 10 has one zero, 100 two zeroes or 1000 has three zeroes and so on. Most of us are comfortable and familiar with the Million which has six zeroes.
    In India we have the Ten Lakhs with six zeroes, Crore with seven zeroes , Beyond that we usually say it as multiples of the pervious categories like ten crores, Hundred crores, One Lakh crore etc. for easy comprehension.
    But it will be interesting to know some more names in this family of zeroes:
    100 zeroes---------------------------- 1 'googol'
    111 zeroes----------------------------Sestrigintillion
    3003 ---------------------------Millinillion
    I have seen these and many more in one old forum thread in ISC .I request members to dig into the archives.
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    In our Indian system, we know ten lakhs, and one crore. Above one crore we call io crores, 100 crores etc. But there are measurable names for them also. But we are not accustomed to using them or remembering them.
    I agree with the author that there are many useful threads and articles on this ISC. But we should be able to search for them and understand them.
    By digging into those archives we can get a lot of information and that may be useful to us. But we require time and patience. Looking for archives is like going to a library and searching for available books. Once we are able to trace the book that is useful for us definitely we may read it and get our doubts cleared.
    There are many threads raised earlier and very useful discussions were taken place. I agree with the author that searching for pearls is worthy enough on this site.

    always confident

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    This is a very interesting observation by the author to dig the old posts or other old reading material in ISC and find something interesting. The slightly strange words mentioned in the posts are the words used to depict the huge powers of 10 which are nothing but big numbers.
    There was a time when some people wanted to find out how big a number could be and then these terms were made to represent them. It is interesting to note that there is no end to the hugeness of a number and whatever number we think as very big, there will always be a number bigger than that.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In mathematics, counting is endless. Hence, there is a word in counting called infinity. That means unlimited, uncountable, or endless. Mostly, the human can remember the numbering only at the stretch that he is able to handle.

    In the olden days of 1900, just one rupee was worth like 1 lakh rupees that we recognize these days. Therefore, there was no necessity to learn and keep in memory beyond hundreds or thousands in numbering and counting. All our ancestors completed their lives with these 100s and 1000s.

    As inflation increases in the future, we will be automatically forced to learn these high-level complex numbers. As of today, the net worth of the richest person in the world is identified as around 200 billion dollars. If we try to calculate how many zeros in 200 billion, it will take at least 10 seconds for us.

    If we get used to handling money in billions in the future, then it will become easier to remember large numbers. Really, the discovery of this forum post by the author from the archive is very interesting.

    Thanks & regards
    Selvakumaran Krishnan

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