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    Induction process is everywhere but we are not following but accusing

    In Personnel Management there is a policy of Induction method which is being followed by many factories and big organizations well. It is to reduce the gap/friction/hesitation between the new employee and the management.
    Similar to that around us so many induction activities are there to follow but the followers are very few to fulfill the motto/purpose.
    In those days, when TVS company run the city buses, there was a box at the entrance of the exit for putting the used tickets to keep the city clean. People were followed then and later the system got vanished.
    Everyday at the late night the TVS Motor company run a van in all streets of the city. The van contains a big magnet under it and to drag all nails, nuts etc., on the road in order to clean the city as well to protect their vehicles on the day time.
    Recently I have seen in a tea shop a big steel table with holes on the top to hold the used tea glasses. This is really a good one to protect their glasses from fragile as the consumers kept the used glasses at various places. More than 90 percent of the people followed to keep their used glasses on that table.
    On many roads we can see almost all people throw their waste papers, covers, water/cool drink bottles etc., only on the roads (not even on the road sides) without using the dustbins kept on the roads. But they accuse the government that the dustbins are not cleaned properly.
    We forget our duty but claiming others as perfect.
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    The induction process is to make the new recruiter get familiarised with the working culture in the organisation and also to know about the work he has to carry out and also to get a grip on the situation prevailing in the organisation. This induction process again depends on the level of the employee. A management trainee will have a different induction program and an experienced employee will have a different program. This system will be there in almost all the units and but how strictly the same is being implemented will depend on the management's policy.
    There are many companies who will try to do some useful work for society but how people will receive the same is more important. Our organisation used to supply mineral water for drinking to the neighbouring village residents. But they used to waste a lot of water. Then we stopped giving free and then there is a lot of control.

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