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    Many exploitations by business people around us

    Many people around us start thinking of the sophisticated way of living and even expecting such in outside by seeing or reading or viewing the media. In those days there was a supply of any products with genuine but day by day there are adulterations slowly introduced and now full occupation of adulteration is around us. But now we seek organic items for our daily use.

    Simply seeing in hotels (restaurants) servers are taking orders from us, they serve the items, gave bill and we used to pay at the counter. But now almost all hotels irrespective of small or big contains a person for taking order (in some hotels he has a machine to note that), conveying the orders to the supplier, the first person gave the bill in a folder and we have to pay to him and get the balance with an offer of tips. Who asked such facilities and to satisfy whom these facilities introduced as we have to pay for the persons like the order taking etc.

    I went to a branch of a noted bank, and as I handed over a cheque-enclosed pay-in-slip to a person at the counter, he simply removed the portion of cheque enclosed challan and handed over the counterfoil to me back. I asked bank's seal on that. He immediately called a person at a distance and advised him to put the seal on the counterfoil. The person who came from a distance took the rubberstamp from the table of the person who called him. Is this depict division of labour or lethargic? or style?
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    The demand in the market for the product and the way people go after the product is making business people exploit the situation. They never hesitate to make money by deceiving people. There is a craze for organic products and the production of these products is comparatively less. So to meet the demands business people are mixing normal products also into organic products and selling them at a very high price. So as a consumer we should see that we will never get deceived and we should take from trusted sources only.
    The stamp-on-the-counter foil issue is being faced by many of us in nationalised banks only. But in private banks like HDFC, the same person who is receiving the DD will stamp the counter foil and give us. We face many problems when we go for banking with nationalised banks. But in private banks, the staff will be very receptive and help the customers a lot.

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