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    The business that improves society better.

    Some businesses are providing services like training, marketing, transportation, consulting, freelancing, etc. and these are generally called "Service-oriented businesses".

    Some businesses run based on productivity outcomes. They make and produce something and sell it directly or distribute it to intermediaries. These businesses include agriculture, poultry farming, milk plants, gadgets manufacturing industries, electricity, etc. Let us say these are "Productivity-oriented businesses".

    Which one do you think needs to be improved to bring a better and developed society? Productivity or services.
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    In my opinion, both are equally important. Cultivation is a business and various items will be produced. But without transporting those items to a place where there is a requirement, the cultivator can't make money. So they should be transported. Transportation is a service-based business which is very important, That is why I feel service-based businesses, as well as product-based businesses, are equally important. These two are interdependent. If there is no product there is no question of transporting the material.
    In earlier days the concept of sourcing was not there. The manufacturer is only all related service activities also. Over some time outsourcing process is started. That gave a chance for service-based businesses o flourish. A manufacturer always thinks that some unproductive work which is not that important can be outsourced so that they can focus more on productive work.

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    I also feel that both are important for the society. But the main thing is that how they are helping society to progress, flourish, and prosper. Generally, business houses will see to their own interest without bothering for the social progress. But there are some business houses who take care of society also in various indirect and charitable ways. For example the Tata business house is well known for its various social schemes and charitable donations. Many companies are having CSR funds for social progress and improvement and many people are benefited by that.
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