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    Competition is necessary for achieving quality

    Competition is a challenging factor in our lives as well as in the business environment around us. There is a big challenge in the lives of the students today for completing their education with distinction and make a career. So competition is everywhere and people have to face it.
    It is true that competition poses a challenge to everyone but it is essential to have competition because it is the main reason for creating quality in the works and tasks of the people. It is the competition and competitive spirit that induces people to work hard and perform optimally. Today whatever quality and innovative spirit we are observing around us is all due to the competition and competitive environment. Please share your views about this.
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    Competition is always good for the user. When there is competition, the manufacturers will be on their toes and will try to be sincere in their production activities. If there is no competition, the costs of the products will be very high. The quality may not be maintained well and there will be no promotional activities.
    A customer always prefers to purchase a product which is fit for the purpose that is available at an appropriate rate. A consumer will never hesitate to spend a little money on a quality product. But one should know that no additional production expenses will be incurred for producing a quality product if a proper quality plan is made and maintained.
    The sales will improve if the quality of the product is good. But in our country, I have seen some people who give more importance to cost than quality.

    always confident

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    Competitions take place by nature. Because every life is created from one particular thing that has progressed first out of millions. From the beginning stage itself, competition starts to take shape. It's always good for the growth and development of personal life as well as business life.

    Healthy competition helps employees to perform their best – not just good enough. When employees in a company compete with each other, they will become more curious, learn to work in a team, and research independently. They will try their best to do more than the requirement. It will equip them for all kinds of future situations.

    So in my view, competition is always good for life. It creates high-performing personalities, future entrepreneurs, business executives, and great leaders. Competition makes us strong.

    Thanks & regards
    Selvakumaran Krishnan

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    Competition is essential for getting quality products from the manufacturers and in absence of that there will be monopolies from the producer's side. Hence this element should not be ignored. The manufacturers are at liberty to raise the prices of the products whatever they want in absence of competition. The available products might not be up to the mark.
    The consumers are on the look out for perfect products satisfying them even at the cost of some enhanced price if the same confirms to quality. In fact, competition is the essence of progress and its existence will ensure excellent products.

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