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    A unique adventurous forum venture - maybe bizarre!

    As you know, a posting limit on raising threads has been imposed by the admin. and we can submit up to a maximum of 15 threads in a single week. Yesterday, a fascinating thought popped up in my mind. Is it possible to submit 15 threads in a single day?! It may sound bizarre and, mind you, that would naturally prevent you from submitting threads for the subsequent week, but...
    (a) It will create a good number of topics to discuss
    (b) It will create multiple animated discussions due to the variety of topics

    The one possibility of this adventurous venture would be that the first and second pages will be filled by threads only of one or two members (right now on my laptop screen there are about 30 threads in addition to the red-pinned ones at the top). We would also need to move to the third and even later pages to check out threads that we missed. There is the feature at the top 'Unanswered', too, that could help us in reviving an interesting thread that has got no response.

    Just throwing this idea at you - what are your spontaneous thoughts? Can we have something like this to keep the forum thriving through a perpetual spring season? Maybe restrict it to 10 a day? Maybe let the members each mention in advance which day they could possibly have time to post it on so as to space out the content and allow for wholesome participation? Any other suggestions?
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    A good idea by the author and I appreciate the same. This type of contest may evoke interest among members, I feel. But 15 threads a day will be very high and chances of repetition of the subject may be very high which is against the policy of ISC.
    So I thought of something different. Like month-end topic-based thread contest. For fifteen days in a row, the editors can mention a subject so that all the members can participate and submit their responses on that subject. A nominal amount can be given for the best submission every day. Once the members got accustomed for 15 days, they may continue working on this section.
    Otherwise, 5 threads a day by any member can be a good idea and the best thread can be given some encouragement so that more members will log in on to the site.

    always confident

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    Sometimes bizarre or out of the box ideas click and open a new vista for creative activities. However in this case my opinion is slightly different. What we want is not only the variety of topics and themes covered in the forum section but also we want a good number of members to participate and contribute not only in posting new posts but also responding to the threads posted by other members. So, in an ideal situation no member should be allowed to post more than 2 posts a day subject to the maximum of 14 posts in a week.
    Now I suggest a contest in which if some members are able to keep the above momentum for a week and also have responded to other posts (at least 25 % of the total posts by all the members in the week) then for that particular announced week out of them one or two can be considered for some incentive or award.
    Let me make it more clear that let there are 4 members who could contribute 2 posts daily for 7 days and have also responded to 18 posts of others (assuming that total posts by all the members in that week were about 72 and 25% of that is 18) during the announced contest week then only they become eligible for awards.
    Responding to other posts is equally important and just posting ones posts continuously would not be a healthy thing.
    This might look a bit complicated but could bring in more vibrancy in the forum section.

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    I don't think 15 or even 10 quality threads would be possible in a day. How about a surprise contest wherein a topic would be announced on a day, in the morning, without prior notice and the best thread would be given a reward not less than Rs 75/- or may be, more?

    Otherwise, we may go for a revised version of the earlier conducted 'a thread a day' contest for 07 days to begin with. In addition to the best thread awards, we may also consider giving an active participant award too.

    These are just suggestions from my side.

    [30 points and cc awarded for concept idea for a contest.]

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    I did not envisage this as a contest! Is it that only if monetary rewards are associated with an activity then it will motivate members? We already are rewarding good threads with TOW awards, and have a topic-based contest at the end of the month. Additionally, a regular round of the forum results in some other threads and responses getting good cc as well. So why not consider this as something self-challenging and out of the box? Maybe start with three good threads initially on any one day of the week, then move on to five the following week, then seven, and so on till the possibility of 10 maximum.
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    In addition to the points given to the forum author, 1 point for each response by other authors in that thread may be given to the main author. This will lead the author to start something interesting subject with the thought of getting more responses from the other authors.

    For example, in this forum thread, the main author is already credited with 5 points. There are 4 responses from other authors up to this response. Therefore, an additional 4 points are to be credited to the main author. Totally, the main author earns 9 points.

    Thanks & regards
    Selvakumaran Krishnan

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    To fulfil the 15 threads a week and also every day contribution as suggested by ME and LE, I suggest 2 threads per day may be possible and at the time of topic based thread that week it will be filled with the condition of 15 threads a week.

    Thanks @Saji for your link which has given me the happening of ISC in my absence of that time and also kindled the memories of many members which also made me sad with the missing of SUN and RK. Also some other members not seen nowadays.

    Interestingly, Mr.Venkiteswaran sharing some threads continuously now connecting with ISC which is also make a feel of topic based thread and ISC can take that clue that out of 14/15 threads one may raise a thread related to ISC and their association. This is my suggestion.

    shasthranaam Ganitham moordhanisthitham

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    It is quite a nice idea to post many posts in a day and see your name from top to bottom on the forum post. I like it and might give it a try if nice thoughts strike my mind. Whether it is a contest or not but I would like to participate in this as a unique contest always makes me want to participate.
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    Sarojah- the challenge is to submit 15 in a day, and not in a week.

    Neelam - Thank you. I appreciate your enthusiasm.

    I am planning to try it out myself as per my own suggestion in response #765284. I have already thought of three topics for the first round. Hope to see others joining in as well.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I don't think we can bulk manufacture threads. May be just as a crash programme we may be able to produce fifteen threads. But then quality will suffer. Moreover it may need a couple of days' gestation time.

    For everything there needs some real strong motivation. And cash is the best motivator in general. Unless a competitive spirit is not brought the participation, and the real involvement may be abysmal.
    So there should be a competitive spirit and a contest should be designed. There needs motivation and so cash credit in some way so that almost every participant gets some need to b designed.
    For practical purpose, the quantity may be restricted to 3 forum threads and two forum response every day for a designed period.

    Lumpsum number of threads in a single day will simply clutter the forum section and even ISC members may not read them.

    If the ME has some target for ad space or some other justifiable important business reason, with improving ISC revenue in a crash programme, then a via media practical design can be put forth. ISC members may co-operate understanding the priority and imperativeness.

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    Neelam @765324,
    ho can you think of seeing only your name 'top to bottom' when every member can post 15 threads? If many members post so many threads after you post, your name may not even be seen in third or fourth page.

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    Yes I understood your thread. But there is a restriction in ISC forum that one cannot submit more than 15 threads in a week and hence I put my suggestion of 2 forums per day. As per your post if we submit all 15 in day, then rest of the days in a week will be idle for that person and only he has to respond but here I have seen responses are very minimal.

    shasthranaam Ganitham moordhanisthitham

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    I did refer to it as a bizarre suggestion!

    While it may be considered clutter, it could also be regarded as having a larger range of topics to mull over, and, at the same time, I agree with Sarojah that responses themselves may be minimal as members are selective about the threads they wish to respond to and time constraints would also hamper them.

    Selvakumaran Krishnan - you gave a different perspective on it, suggesting adding points to the author based on the number of responses. However, this is not really feasible I feel as it would take up too much time.

    As some of you are keen to have a monetary-based program, we will definitely discuss that aspect as well with the admin. and perhaps organize it next month.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    In this regard I would also request members to visit (or revisit) the contest announcement and details of "ISC 13th Birthday Special- A thread a day challenge" .
    That contest was a success with enthusiastic and consistent participation by near about twenty five members for the whole contest period every day. If proper motivation and spirit can be made similar to that at present also members can be enthused to give good participation.

    Members also suggest more ideas encouraged from this to suggest for the present.

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