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    Don't be anxious. Your health may get spoiled

    Nowadays, we are all experiencing a lot of stress. With this stress, we are all becoming anxious. Once we start going to our office, our anxiety will start about whether we will reach in time or not. After reaching the office, another issue will crop up and our anxiety will be at its peak. Whether we can complete our work on time or not will be there with all employees these days.

    This anxiety will create many health problems. Acidity, chills, unwanted thoughts and other disorders will add problems to us. So we all should avoid anxiety and should have a proper plan of action to reduce our stress. Getting up early, planning the work properly, prioritising our work, not wasting our time on unwanted activities etc are some important points one should implement for avoiding stress and anxiety.
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    Stress has been the part of our lives and whatever we do, we think a lot regarding that job causing stress. Now the phase of corona is almost over and as such the employers are asking their employees to report to their jobs for rendering maximum output. There should not be any problem to the employee in this situation other than minor discomfort for staying in their residence and rendering their job output from their homes.
    Reporting to their duties would cause a different kind of stress the major reason being the maintaining the punctuality of time to reach their office premises because of traffic jam causing uncertainty of maintaining their timings. The second aspect is the completion of the targets in time and thinking unnecessarily in this issue might be the cause of their elevated tension. This sort of tension will cause acidity, stomach aches and other health issues.
    Hence the best way is to remain cool in all the situations and devise the ways to tackle the issues on regular basis to arrive at solutions.

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    Anxiety is the main cause of many mental disorders in human beings. Anxiety creates stress and stress is harmful for us. We all are racing for survival and living in a world of continuous competition and struggle. In such an environment it is natural that we will have anxiety of all sorts. However it will differ from individual to individual as each individual has a different capacity and capability of tolerating the stress levels. It is well understood that a person should not go beyond certain limit of stress and anxiety levels in one's life because that will harm our health and if health is lost everything is lost.
    Knowledge is power.

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    There are certain symptoms to identify whether we are affected by the stress:

    1. Frequent headaches.
    2. Feeling depressed, tired, and anxious.
    3. Increased heart beat rate and nervous actions.
    4. Common body aches like neck pain, shoulder pain, or back pain.
    5. Teeth get grinding and clenching in the jaw.
    6. Unable to take a complete breath.
    7. Feeling unsteady.

    These are all the common symptoms of being in stress. Reasons we get into stress are generally from work, financial pressures, relationships, and other unexpected situations. In spite of the stress having some bad impacts, it can be a good self-motivator and it is essential for our life survival.

    Thanks & regards
    Selvakumaran Krishnan

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