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    The day robots become our friends and followers, even ISC members!

    Many years ago Robot was a fancy, visionary, scientific term, an idea which gave rise to many fiction books and movies. I was one of such dreamy eyed boy who was much interested in scientific inventions and applications.

    But now we get to read about male and female robots and their increasing abilities. A robot named Sophia has been given citizenship in Saudi Arabia in 2017. Now there are robot teachers in schools and robot waiters in hotels. COVID lock down situation helped innovations in this regard and robots were engaged as nursing assistants delivering medicines and food to patients in hospitals.

    So now I find that with the further advent in artificial intelligence and as the robot technology advances, we may have robots as members in social media groups. Just visualize the day and situation when we get to welcome a humanoid robot as member in ISC or a follower in twitter or a friend in Facebook. Please post your views .
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    That is true. Anything can happen. I have seen a movie some years back called Robo. In that movie, a robot starts loving a girl and cheated on his creator to keep up his love and the creator himself is not able to control the destructive actions of the Robo. This may happen in reality.
    Now we are seeing many Robots in various areas. Alexa is a big hit and it is available in almost all houses. Even in the manufacturing sector, we see many Robots performing routine activities. A day may come when a Robot may get married to a human being.
    Now we proudly say that ISC is having overseas members also. A day may come for all of us to say that ISC is having Robots members and Robot Editors and we may feel proud to have them. I wish and hope that the author's wish should become a reality shortly.

    always confident

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    Technology has been improving at jet speed and new things are frequently introduced by electrical and electronic companies. The author has started a very interesting thread. However, if feel if robots could operate social networking sites on their own, it is going to be a nightmarish experience. Now many people are being cheated by criminals using false profiles. In addition, money also gets swindled by criminals. When the criminals are caught by cyber police they could be punished. But can we arrest the robots? If somebody is operating the robots it is alright. If the robots do it with their intelligence, it would not be a good idea.

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    There has been tremendous growth in the field of artificial intelligence and day by day new robots are being manufactured having better and better capacities. Still robots are machines and cannot compare with human intelligence. Robots work based on some algorithms and codes which drive them. They can enhance their capability by the last action but they do not have consciousness of higher level that humans possess. So there will be something lacking when we deal with them. They will depict sentiments as per their code and not exactly as per the need of the situation.
    The quest for more and more powerful robots is going on and in future we would be dealing with them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    If that happens, robots can solve captchas to prove they are human to interact with the websites. On the other side, website bot protection like captcha solving may be developed to perform much stronger to protect access to websites by humanoid robots.

    Otherwise, they could be accepted together with humans. If robots can think near to humans and can take decisions, they are also eligible to watch advertisements. Then, they can participate in all the programs together with humans.

    It has already been noticed that a robot itself had given a speech to the public that terminating the human race is one of its future goals. Hence, It is not always good to be proud to see the deeds of robots. We know already that humans use other manpower as well as other animals for their own purposes. But no other animals use humans for their needs.

    Nowadays, humans moved one step up to replace animals and manpower with robots. It may not hurt the robots but the reverse is possible.

    Thanks & regards
    Selvakumaran Krishnan

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    There has been spectacular progress in the field of artificial intelligence and robot technology for which we have had not anticipation. The author is very right in his correct observation regarding the capabilities of robots. Though basically the robots were created with human technologists to ease the operation for the different activities taking the least time for accomplishments of such work. In this context, there has been splendid achievements where robots are discharging their duties in hospitals distributing medicines, foods and operating other equipments in the hospitals. To that extent, it is all right but suppose that there is the penetration of this robots in crimes, we will remain nowhere to control them. Even it would be difficult to nab them by the cyber police.

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    By and by we se that the difference between robots and humans are getting reduced .

    I feel that this is contributed not just because robotic technology and artificial Intelligence capability has increased, but because humans have also started more and more behaving in a robotic way, rather than with genuine human feelings, sentiments and emotions.

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