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    Happy Gandhi Jayanti.

    Today is the 153rd. birth anniversary of Gandhiji. Gandhiji was born 0n 02-10-1869. He was instrumental in uniting the people of all the religions and regions of India to fight for the independence of our country from the British. We are living in an independent country today because of the efforts of such great people.
    Truth and non-violence were his main weapons to obtain independence for our country. He introduced non-violent methods like satyagraha to the world and showed that a lot can be achieved through these methods. Gandhiji is fondly called the "Father of the nation" for his efforts. He practiced what he preached. The country and the world need a person like Gandhiji in these turbulent times when war clouds are looming over another part of the world which may endanger the entire world.
    Let us remember such a great personality today on his 153rd. birth anniversary and pay tributes to his service to the nation. Happy Gandhi Jayanti.
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    I also join to remember Mahatma Gandhi on this Gandhi jayanti day. What Mahatma Gandhi did at that point of time was unbelievable and is written in golden words in the history of India as well as history of the world. He was a unique person in many respects and without any position or power he had a large following and through his non violence path he showed to the world that things can be done in some other ways also. Political experts and analysts may interpret Mahatma Gandhi and his working in any way they want or like but at that point of time what he did was miraculous. He could motivate and encourage the people for doing what he wanted them to do for their own betterment.
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    As we celebrate another birth anniversary of the Mahatma, let us refresh our thoughts and remember his principles and ideologies. At a time when the whole world is facing intolerance and arrogance, let us spare some time to look into ourselves and try to understand the futility of violence and lack of mutual understanding. With the hope and wish that the principles of Ahimsa and peace would prevail, I pay my due respects to the our beloved Bapuji.

    I take this opportunity to remember and pay my respects to Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, whose birth anniversary also falls on this day. Let us not forget his contributions to the nation.

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    The frail looking man had tremendous stamina to influence others with his principles of Ahimsa and this weapon was so effective that it could bow down even to the Britishers. Moreover he was an unique man the sense that he never instructed anyone else unless he experimented himself with the same practice. In the process of cleanliness, he himself initiated the cleaning of bathrooms instead of telling others to carry out the same job with the exertion of pressure. He practiced himself with the minimum clothes to be put on the body due to prevalence of poverty. The English Men were afraid of his capacity of unitising the people for getting the work done. They felt that he was not an ordinary man in undertaking any task and behind him, there was a turbulent force in the form Human Resources which could dethrone them. This was not mere a dream but happened one day with the realisation of Independence due to the firm determination of this Mahatma.

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    I pay my rich tributes to this father of the Nation, Mahatmaji, on his 153rd birth anniversary of him. Gandhiji is instrumental in getting freedom to the nation. He lead the freedom movement from the front and made all the Indians follow him and see that the British will understand the strength of the country. We owe a lot to this great man.
    He never bothered about his personal comforts and lived a simple life. He never spent any money for his pleasure and always worked for the independence of the country. Another important factor to be mentioned about him is that he never brought his family members into the ministry of the country. He believed that all religions are the same. I pay my tributes to this great man on his 153rd birthday today.

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