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    India's population in Sri lanka is begging!

    A source from BBC that is the Indian population in Sri Lanka is begging in the streets. There is no food and water and living in danger. How India will be the No.5 biggest economy where people are living in the poorest countries in reverse their countrypeople are not living in India. India's population in Sri Lanka is begging!
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    The author has represented a very pathetic scenario existing in Sri Lanka but while looking at our neighbouring countries such as Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan their economy is not rosy either. In that sense, we are comfortable to retain the comfortable economic status.
    Though we might extend all sorts of possible helps to our neighbouring countries but the fact that extending help to all such deprived people would not be enough unless the other countries capable of extending help come forward to take care of the needy people. Hope that they would be taken care of the other agencies as well including USA.

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    Maybe some Indians in Sri Lanka may be begging. Why only in Srilanka in some other countries also it may be happening. How we can relate to the financial condition of our country? These financial positions of countries are calculated by some organisations that are having competent people to decide on various factors in the country. India is a very big country and many Indians are going abroad. After going there they are settling there. Probably the present financial crisis in that country is making many people jobless. Not only Indians many other people also are suffering there.
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    I would like the author to clarify whether all the Indian nationals in Sri Lanka are walking on the streets with begging bowls in their hands. It would be better to be clear when such issues are brought for discussion so that the readers do not get confused.
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    Sri Lanka is going through a turbulent time and it is obvious that not only the Srilankan residents but people from outside will also be having a very tough time there. Many outside countries including India are helping Sri Lanka in this crucial phase. Many Indians had gone to Sri Lanka in search of better prospects there and were doing some good business also over there but now they are in problem. It is to be seen what special consideration Indian government can think about these people who are of India origin but living in Sri Lanka. Whether from India or any other country there are many people who are suffering in Sri Lanka in the present situation.
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    It is not a surprise I have seen the poor living standard of British citizen in Ranchi (The capital of Jharkhand). Presently Sri Lanka is facing economical crisis. due to crisis a large number of population are suffering from this situation.
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    India's entire population resides in India only and not in Sri Lanka. The economic condition of the island nation has made the lives of its citizens quite tough but that has got to do nothing with the economic situation of our country or the rank of India in terms of economy. Providing good references and studies about the rationale for India's rank may be a point of discussion but the comparison made in the thread is of little use without a detailed description and references to the case studies.

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    I didn't understand one thing the members were pretending to understand what I was saying. or they didn't completely understand what I was saying or half understand whatever it may be right. I will explain with an example India is the 5th largest economy in the world and crossed Uk economy is propaganda. In the UK, they are Sri Lankans, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis e.t.c why they reside there they can reside in India because the UK's economy is less than the Indian economy. Why are the people grouped or having routed to the UK as a favorite destination over India for their future and career? My Analogy is wherever jaggery is their ants will group over there.
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    Not only the Indian population but most people are begging there because of the economic crisis.

    The Indian government can start a drive to support Indians who are living in a pathetic conditions in Srilanka.


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    I feel the author is an innocent victim of a biased propaganda by some vest interest inimical to India's growth and development. It seems someone (and may be many such) have vested interest to paint negative pictures about India in whatever way possible. In fact those vested interests will somehow manufacture some contexts to say something negative about India.

    In this thread, when author say 'Indian population' what does it mean? Indian citizen on temporary stay in Sri Lanka-NRIs in Sri Lanka- or the Sri Lankan citizen who have Indian Origin some generations ago? If hey are Sri Lankan citizen it is the responsibility of Sri Lankan government and people to take care of them. If they are Indian NTIs then they have access to Indian embassy and Indian government for necessary care and even return to India.

    So an Indian with even the minimum commonsense will simply ignore the referred news as blatant malicious propaganda with mala fide intentions.
    But if the news would have been Sri Lankan population compelled to begging then there could have some sense and we as neighboring country could have been concerned and taken some possible help to them. In fact India is doing all possible in the situation to help Sri Lanka in its economic crisis of its own making.
    The current problem in Sri Lanka is the result of ignoring its reliable umbilical related neighbor and trying to curry favour with a hegemonic China.

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    Based on the situation, humans in the society should follow an abelian group (Closure, Associative, Identity, Inverse, and Commutative)-- Bhushan

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    Based on the situation, humans in the society should follow an abelian group (Closure, Associative, Identity, Inverse, and Commutative)-- Bhushan

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