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    Story: An employee's idea for improvement of the organisation!

    As there is a small private bank who have limited branches one bank branch has a bank manager who thinks he knows everything and always underestimates the employee's capabilities. Once the CEO of the bank has a review meeting with all the bank managers to come up with some provoking thoughts to improve the bank's development in regard to investments and improve the opening of the accounts of the customers.

    The bank C.E.O asks to come up with thoughts under some timeline he told them to discuss this with their bank branch employees and come up with good suggestions to improve the development of the bank.

    All the branch Bank managers discuss this with their employees and everyone has come up with the idea one bank manager who undermines or underestimates the bank branch employees never discuss it with them and told the bank employees haven't given ideas.

    As the Bank C.E.O has covert in every bank branch office as he told that the Branch bank manager never discusses with bank employees because he always feels that he knew everything and the others are innocent and didn't know anything.

    The covert in the Bank branch knew this in the absence of a bank manager he collected some ideas for the improvement of the bank that one Office assistant gave a very good idea so that it will help to improve the opening accounts of the customers in the bank.

    As the C.E.O looks ecstatic and asked to reveal that idea then the covert told that today the fuel rates are increasing daily and enormously so if we have to tie up with oil companies to give some discount on oil prices in each bunk with our debit cards the customers will increase and show interest to create accounts in our banks and also deposit money in the banks and also it will be a good advertisement for oil companies.

    So the C.E.O of the bank called the office assistant and praised behalf of all bank branch managers for giving such a great idea and also felicitated and gave him a high position job and demoted that bank branch manager for his arrogance.

    As they implemented it and were able to get opening of new accounts in all the bank branches.

    Story:An Employee idea that acts as a catalyst for the investments!
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    In some organizations, managerial persons are considering the suggestions of their subordinates which are given in the motive of development of the organization.
    I can remember my manager in this situation. I was in the Personnel Department of a big organization and one day I saw the water taps of all toilets, urinals were flowing in the morning when I went to the factory in early hours. I realized that because of the late going persons not closed the taps properly in the previous day evening and in the next day morning the unclosed taps flowing water once the motor switched on. I immediately calculated the number of taps in total factory and suggested my manager to replace the taps as pulling upward type instead of screw type to avoid the wastage of water. Hearing this suggestion immediately my manager called the project manager to get the cost involved in such replacement. With the consent of MD on the day itself we replaced all taps in all toilets and urinals.

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    A good story from the author. It is always true that the people in the lower cadre also will have good thoughts and sometimes their ideas are found to be the best among the lot.
    In the organization where I have spent almost 28 years, we used to have a monthly meet with all the employees of the organization and used to discuss various d points with the person working in the process. They give beautiful suggestions that are proved to be good for the process. Our management used to reward workers who came out with good plans.

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    A fine story narrated by the author depicting how an efficient manager can bring about positive changes within their organisations if they make some positive changes among their employees. They don't believe in firing, cajoling and reprimanding their employees but they would eager to know more of their fine ideas for bringing about positive changes in the working premises. Under the guidance of a capable manager, they would come out with open ideas to share the same with higher bosses. If some of their brilliant ideas are implemented, there has been phenomenal growth of the companies with the approval of their ideas. Definitely capabilities are within the front managers who are able to recognise their constructive thoughts for the higher growth of the companies.

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    The author has given an interesting account of the situation in a company where the manager was not interested in collecting suggestions from the subordinates thinking that they do not know anything and only he himself knows the things. Some managers are like that and they underestimate their subordinates but it is not in the overall interest of the company if they do so. Sometimes even a small employee can give great ideas and management should be receptive for it and then only the company can progress ahead. A good team leader will never ignore the subordinates because he very well knows that they are the pillars of the organisation.
    Knowledge is power.

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