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    Remain alert during the rainy season

    We all now only just raised our heads from the corona effect. Moreover, in many parts of our country, the rains are still continuing. Besides the efforts of the respective governments, the onus falls on our hands also. We should extend our efforts to control or prevent ourselves from any type of epidemic.

    For this,
    1. We should never spit on roads, especially on stagnant waters. Many people I am seeing even in big cities spit on the road. This is dangerous not only to others but also to themselves.

    2. In many government schools, the authorities are arranging a periodical visit by government doctors and give required medicines to the children either preventively or on a diagnosis. Parents of children studying in private schools should initiate steps to provide necessary food items to their children so as to meet the seasonal diseases.

    3. We should use the garbage bins without spilling our garbage out of the bins.

    4. We should, to the possible extent, keep clean our area without garbage or stagnant waters

    5. We should wear masks whenever go outside whether mandatory or not

    6. We should apply special care to our children with necessary preventive measures

    7. It is better to drop off and pick up our children from schools as many roads are under maintenance with deep hollow pits.

    8. We should never hesitate to take preventive medicines by consulting nearby doctors or health centres provided by the government
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    The rainy season is fast approaching and the chances of rainwater getting accumulated near our houses will be which will attract more insects which may cause health problems to all of us. The risk is more for children and aged people. So all of us should give top priority to hygiene and cleanliness in all places.
    The author has given a very good collection of various points which are very important and useful. We all should follow them without any deviation. When kids go outside they should wear some protection for their ears so that the cold breeze will not enter their bodies. Flu shots may be administered once in six months or one year without fail as suggested by the doctor. As far as possible avoid spending more time in AC rooms. Thick cotton dresses which cover the whole body will be good for the children mainly at night and when we go out. One should not get wet in water. If we get wet in the water we may have to face the problem of cough and cold.

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    Monsoon was almost over but suddenly we have a surprise post monsoon rains which is appearing like a smaller monsoon in itself or created because of the low pressure in formation over a wide area in our country. Whatever be the reasons for that many areas in our country are facing turbulent rains. There are many roads which require maintenance and water is depositing in the pits which is very dangerous for the people who are travelling by bike, bicycle or other vehicles and is a great danger even for the pedestrians.
    The author has given a good advisory that we all must observe during the rainy season. All sort of virus and bacteria are thriving during the rainy season because of the water logging and moisture in the atmosphere. These microbes love the damp and humid weather. School going children are exposed to all these dangers and it is necessary that parents should take all care in this matter during this rainy spell.

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    Though the reason is over literally but still there is the prevalence of this effect in most of the places in India. Now we are in the mid of the month of October and such occurrence is rather unusual. Due to damp and humid weather, we all are susceptible to viral fevers. In some areas Dengue is prevalent especially in the school going kids. They come in contact with their classmates infected with this disease and they, too, fall prey to this disease.
    We all need to take precautionary steps in the wake of prevalence of this unusual weather.

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