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    Do you find the current system of online admissions complicated?

    There was a time when parents and students would go to the office of the school or college, buy an application form or get it for free, fill it up, and submit it, later paying the fees also at the campus. Except for some exceptions, today we have an online system for the entire admission process, starting from filling up the online application form to paying the application fee and later the academic fees as well.

    We've read reports of technical glitches in the online systems during the admission process, of the nightmarish experience of the payments going haywire, and so on. Even the very process of filling up all the details in every box is found to be a little tedious and not as time-saving as thought.

    Agreed there is a lot of saving on physical paper, not to mention avoiding having to wait in long queues to submit the form and fees, but generally do you think even this online system could be made less complicated?
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    In earlier times we were filling the physical application forms for admissions in the educational institutions and submitting them along with all the documents. If there was any error found by us we could always cut it and write the correct one and make a small initial in that place which was generally accepted in most of the places and if not accepted then we had an option of filling a fresh form. That was a very convenient situation because there was scope for corrections at various stages even after submitting one could be called and asked to correct the wrong data.
    On the other hand the online system wants the applicant to give all the details precisely at one time and there is no scope of correction one's the candidate submits it. Many candidates are perturbed because of this as they make some small mistake in filling the form and submit it in a haste without rechecking or confirming the details filled. In a computerised digital environment everything has to be precise and correct and if there is any mismatch or wrong data it will immediately be reflected and then candidate will have a big problem at the time of the document verification and other formalities. It is imperative that we have to take all cautions and measures before submitting our application.
    If the digital governance is further strengthened then a time will come when candidate will get a partially pre filled application form, may be linked to the Aadhar card or some national registry, whenever he applies anywhere and then he will have to give only some additional details which are not there.

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    In our times dating back 1965, there was the only provision available to us for the process of admission. We need to fill up the form incorporating the entire details needed for such admission procedures. But that system though prevailing, online system is existing parallel for entertaining for the aspirants interested for admission. However there is one drawback in such a system. If a minor mistake has occurred during the filling process and the same has been submitted, there is no provision for the corrections. This could cause resentments to the candidates. What is needed at this juncture is to change the system where there is the scope of initiating corrections if required. Hope this aspect would be taken care of.

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    Filling up every detail in a form is somewhat cumbersome, especially if the form has a couple of pages. I think with the help of technology the process can be simplified. There are many initiatives taken by the government that is helping to digitise a lot of things. One such is DigiLocker where anyone with a valid Aadhaar can access important documents like mark sheets, driving licenses, etc in their digital format directly from the issuer of such documents. One will also be able to upload documents for which there is storage available. By integrating all such important documents in a database, including the academic ones, many sections of the forms can be pre-filled and before submission, there should be an option to verify and edit. This will definitely reduce the time to fill up the form. The payment-related issues have to be taken care of so that it remains safe.

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    I agree with the author. Filling up many pages of the application and then uploading supporting documents is very cumbersome. Added to that by any chance some mistake happens and if we miss it, we will have a big problem. So making the filling of application for the online admission process simple is very much required.
    Recently I filled online application to renew my passport. The process is very simple and I completed the total process very easily. The process is designed by TCS and is handled by them only.
    So colleges and schools should also think about how they can make the total process as simple as possible. That will make the lives of the students and their parents easy.

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    What Umesh and Sheo Shankar Jha have stated is right - there is the problem of making a mistake which may create a problem as the application would be rejected due to it. However, I feel students do need to avoid filling up the information in haste. There is always a good date range for when the application needs to be filled, and in some cases, they do have a window of a day to make corrections if required. Besides, in the instructions given, it is clearly mentioned that one should fill up the data carefully and use the preview button first, making corrections if required, and then only click on the submit button.

    I do think that the details required can be reduced where possible. For example, when a mark sheet is required to be uploaded, then why is it necessary to enter the marks obtained? I liked the idea suggested by Sankalan of pre-filled data as per integration with a document storage facility, but this, again, should not be something complicated to verify and edit if required.

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