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    Identify the power of words. Switch negative words to positive ones.

    Many times in our lives we feel dejected and think negatively. During such a situation, negative words come to our minds. For example, when we fail in our effort to do something, the words which come to our minds are useless, waste, give up, etc. During such a time, we should immediately switch these words to positive ones such as hope, useful, I can do it, it is possible, and many other positive words.
    Further, when you are tired and feel fatigued, you can say energy and strength several times in your mind and get rejuvenated. Please do remember that words are very powerful and words like love, help happy, money, wealth, and health can do wonders and help you to lead a healthy, wealthy and successful life. What do you think about the theory of switching words?
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    I strongly believe that positive thoughts and positivity in all aspects of our lives is a great help for treading ahead happily and successfully in the journey of life. Cursing our luck for every small thing and using the negatively charged words is definitely going to harm our lives in various ways affecting our mind and body both.
    The world around us is a tough place and here there is no sympathy for those who weep and repent on small things. This is a place where one has to fight one's own battle with vigour, interest, and highly motivated mind. It is obvious that for doing that one has to use only positive words filled with positive energies.
    Positive people can easily be identified by their level of satisfaction in their lives as well as their efforts for betterment. They are happy with small achievements but their long time target is big achievements.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I fully accept the concept explained by the author. Some people when they start some work will have doubt in their mind and start working half-heartedly. Such people will never be successful. But when we start with a positive frame of mind, we will be definitely successful. The same is the case when we face failure.
    When we are sick, we will take medicines. After taking medicines we should be confident that they will cure our ill health. Instead of that if we take medicine with doubt, the medicine will never give the desired result.
    Sometimes we may face failures. We may feel bad. But we should recoup from that and start again with a positive frame of mind and thinking that we will be definitely successful. When we start work with a positive frame of mind, small setbacks here and there may not make us depressed. Then we can think of alternative ways for accomplishing the goal.

    always confident

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    The author has raised a very interesting topic where there are some people using their words in the midst of confusion or they express negative emotions in course of their talks. They cannot use the right words to enthuse the listeners. Moreover they themselves would start working in some confusing ways having their doubts in their minds regarding achieving success.
    We are sure to get results if we start any work on a positive note but contrary to it might cause the adverse results. From the beginning to end of the session maintaining calmness and concentrating on the jobs with dedication is sure to ensure success.

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    I have read and heard many Positive Gurus propagating such concepts. But I have never been able to understand how it would be possible. Though, trying to infuse your mind with positive thoughts may provide some respite for the time being, I think it depends on so many factors like one's physical and mental condition, the circumstances one is in, the degree of possibility and so on that would ultimately help one to overcome a state of dejection or helplessness.

    I don't think a person who is helpless in every way would be able to think positive because there is no ray of hope for him. Even if some one tries to console him or give him the strength to overcome his mental state, I don't think it would help, unless the person consoling him can promise to help him overcome his difficulty at least to some extent, because the situation does not change otherwise. Suppose a person who is physically weak and is not in a position to have a piece of meal is told that he must not worry and must remain positive, I don't understand how that can be possible. Either the person telling him so must be able to provide him some food or must volunteer to help him overcome his physical weakness by providing him the required medical assistance so that he has some hope and that feeling will reduce the intensity of his negative feeling. When one says 'yes, I can do it', despite many attempts and failures in doing something, he says so only if there is some factor on which he still relies and feels that he has the chance to do it.

    We might have been inspired by many who had faced many difficult situations in life and yet have overcome them and made it in life, but close scrutiny would reveal that there was a 'hand of God', either as a person or a thought or an idea that helped him do it. I am not saying that we must allow negative thoughts to engulf us and make us feel that everything has come to an end but then I also don't think that such concepts by such gurus can be generalized and is practical, at least not every time and with every one.

    'Knowledge is knowing a Tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.' -Miles Kington

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