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    Job Interview Q & A for Science teacher

    After introduction about myself, I communicate with other members of the interview and try to present my best.

    Umesh Sir: Can you tell me what acceleration is? How will you explain it to the students?
    Phagu: An Acceleration is the rate at which at changes the velocity of object with time. It is a vector quantity, denoted by a , and the S.I Unit of Acceleration is metre per square second.
    To expalin about An Acceleration, I will use two point starting and final point of any line and measure the difference between both points and divided this difference with time.

    Umesh Sir: How will you explain the vast difference between the velocity of light and velocity of sound to the students?
    Phagu: Actually Sound is a wave and always requires a medium to travel. It cannot travel in a vacuum while Light is electromagnetic wave and require any medium to travel, can travel in a vacuum.
    The speed of sound in air is 343 m/s and it will vary according to the medium whereas the speed of light in air is 300 million meters per second which is much faster than sound.

    Umesh Sir: If a student or a group of students are not able to grasp the lesson you have just delivered, what would you do?
    Phagu: If students are not able to understand any chapter of my classes then I will split whole module or activity into topic wise. I never compare among students on the basis of ability. As a Science teacher I focus on practical session this is because it help students to think about the topics.

    This is an entry to the Q&A Interview Challenge Part-2 Contest
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    The candidate has given very precise answers. The first two questions were directly related to the subject while the third question was quite general. In science subjects practicals are very important and through them, only the students get a real grasp of the subject. The candidate also emphasized that point while answering the third question and the interesting point is that dividing the topic into further small parts or modules to make the students understand the topic is something an interesting idea.
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    The author answered the questions very nicely. The questions related to the subject are answered correctly and precisely. A general question also he answered with the understanding he is having about that subject. The author showed that he is good at the subject knowledge and he can teach the subject well to the students. Overall, a good interview.
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