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    Why some prospective countries not giving citizenship to outsiders easily?

    While countries like India are struggling day and night for providing the job and resources to their large population, there are some countries which are facing manpower shortage especially for the low end jobs in those countries. Canada, Australia, and some of the european countries have this problem. They are encouraging the people for other countries to come and work there and are giving the job visas to them. Many people especially the diploma holders and mechanics are taking advantage of that and going there for work.
    If these countries provide citizenship to a large number of people from countries like India then their manpower problem can be solved easily. What is the hitch in doing that? Any opinions or views? Please share.
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    That is true. There is a shortage of manpower in some countries as mentioned by the author. To become a citizen every country will have its own procedure and once the required criteria are fulfilled, citizenship may be accorded. For example, a person who is staying in Australia for 4 years continuously can apply for citizenship in that country. The aspirant should attend a test and once he is qualified in the test he may be given citizenship. This test is to see that the candidate is competent to be a citizen of that country.
    In the same way, other countries may also have some procedures and the same will be followed. I know some people who settled in Australia and obtained Australian Citizenship. The citizenship will be granted in a phased manner and all will not be given as soon as they apply.

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    Sourcing employees from outside the country helps to increase diversity in the company. More effective involvement and innovative achievements could be attained in this vast sourcing of perspectives. It will grow strong and healthy competition among the team members. It makes the office environment and culture more flexible. External recruitment processes don't create jealousy among colleagues and working team members. Mostly no severe ego issues arise among such teams. It decreases employees' stress life and tension mind. Even though the internal recruitment process is affordable way, big companies prefer to source candidates externally. Because it attracts a large application pool and more skilled employees.
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    The author has raised a very justifiable point and this can be applied in the Indian context where a lot of skilled as well nonskilled people are available to get some assignments for their livelihood. However, the tragedy is that they are struggling here and there to have jobs to maintain their families including themselves. A balance can be created with the absorption of our skilled/nonskilled labour in such countries lacking Human Resources for carrying out their needed jobs. They must be helped with suitable feedbacks of the locations where they can be conveniently employed and other assistance in the completion of the visa formalities.
    We do have a large population but 40% of the people are extremely poor where they struggle for getting jobs due to stiff competition in all areas to get the jobs.

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