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    Why do youngsters prefer delivery jobs as a full-time career?

    I have heard that in the recent couple of years, the majority of employees have changed their career path as delivery partners and bike riders. The main jobs are food delivery, grocery delivery, bike riding, etc. Some people have taken it as a full-time career and others have kept it as a part-time job. The main reason is said to be that they have time flexibility, weekly payments, and no boss to over-control them. They become their own boss in their career.

    But the real truth is not that. Many social influencers explain that a few years back, the earnings from delivery jobs were much better than their regular professions. As time goes, the pay rate from the delivery jobs gradually decreased. The employees who entered this career by leaving their regular job were trapped in this, unfortunately. Many experts had already warned youngsters about this trend. Now, most employees lost their previous jobs and left a long gap in their profession.

    What's your opinion about and advice to the people who prefer delivery jobs as a full-time career?
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    Due to the online shopping which was further accelerated by the long spell of corona pandemic, a large number of jobs were created in the delivery segment of the online shopping arena. Due to the severe unemployment situation in our country this was a great opportunity for many youngsters who were searching for jobs here and there. In the beginning the earning in this segment was quite lucrative and many people also switched their jobs from other jobs to this job. But that is only a small part of the crowd because most of these jobs were taken up by the fresh unemployed persons and not the already employed ones. While switching a job from one to another there is always a risk of losing or ganing and this delivery segment is no exception.
    A majority of people who switched their jobs actually did not like their earlier jobs because of various reasons and were happy doing this delivery job as it has sufficient freedom and independence.
    The online shopping area is still growing in leaps and bounds and there will be more vacancies in future for delivery persons in this segment. As far the remunerations are considered they are less not only in this area but so many other areas where people are doing this type of small small jobs.
    In today's situation, the youngsters having average qualifications have no other choice except to go for this type of jobs.

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    As a matter of fact, many people are not choosy about their job as the employment situation is not encouraging in the country. Somehow people want to perform some work and earn money. That is why some youths started showing interest in delivery jobs. The payment will be based on the output. So people who are interested can earn more and no pressure. During COVID times many people especially drivers lost their jobs and hence they all looked at these jobs as an earning way. As many people started showing interest, the companies reduced the commission they offer for their delivery boys.
    All young people should not settle for small jobs like delivery boys. They can start their career as delivery boys but they should think about how to improve their career prospectus. While earning some money as delivery boys they should try to improve their qualifications and try to get a good job.

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