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    How is the quality of your life?

    So, your answer to this question may be a single word with either good or bad. Now if I ask you about your expectations of course you will say you wish to lead a life that's of premium quality. Your answer is expected because we all wish to lead a quality life. One more question. Whether you are leading a quality life or wish to live a life of superior quality what are the parameters of such a life?

    I will not bother you with questions anymore and will try to look for answers through a couple of examples.

    Example 1: You have a supportive family, your children are well-settled and you are in a job that pays you well. You do not bother about further development and think what you have is enough. You all are looking for this type of life, right? So, that's a good quality of life.

    Example 2: You are in a government job with a decent pay package, your family is not that supportive and you always remain worried about your children.
    Nevertheless, you can do whatever you feel like to keep yourself happy as you are capable to spend enough money. You may think this quality of life is not much encouraging and I won't disagree.

    Example 3: Your life itself is an example to others. A lot of people follow and admire your activities and dealings with others though they won't rate you as a millionaire or a rich person. You are always happy and smiling and can deal with any situation, however tough. You learn and grow every day without indulging in the hustle and bustle of daily craziness. Some may call this life a tough life but you find that life quite enjoyable.

    From the three models described here, which one will you rate as a life of superior quality?
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    You did not talk about your quality of life! Which one you will rate?

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    Before going for classifying my life as one of the three classes mentioned by the author. I want to know what is the meaning of quality. Quality itself is having different definitions. Somebody feels that the product is a quality product if it is useful and fit for the purpose. But some feel that quality is not just customer satisfaction but it is customer delight. It all depends on the individual and his aspirations.
    I did very well in my job. I have a wife who is very cooperative. Two sons and both of them are doing well. Both of them are married and have children. I have my own house and there is no problem financially. But I don't know whether I can say I am leading a quality life or not.
    The level of satisfaction one has in his life will speak about the quality of his life. People who are very rich, have a good family and all comforts also will never feel happy because they are not happy with the money they have. So I never know whether they feel they are leading a quality life or not.
    I also like to know in which slot the author will fit in.

    always confident

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    DR. Rao, quality may have various definitions according to situations but here, I tried to refer to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of a person. How well you manage these three aspects decides how you relate your life and hence affects the quality of your life. You are living a life not only for you and your family but for society too. That's the essence.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Everyone dreams of having a good quality life. We all yearn for that and we also make efforts for that. Different people will have different conception about their quality of lives and if they are not satisfied with that they would try to improve that.
    Theoretically speaking a person should be honest, kind hearted, disciplined, laborious, and should have order in his life so that he can achieve a good quality. Having said that there are some external factors also which compell a person to do certain actions which might not be conducive to a good quality of life. But that is not in his hands and beyond his power though they will affect the quality of his life to some extent.
    Coming to the categorization made by author I feel the elements in the third category suit to me quite reasonably and that seems a situation where quality of life is more than satisfactory.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Interesting! The author is quick enough to answer Mr. Rao who has responded 2nd in this thread but my 1st response has been, seemingly, overlooked. This thread is kind of a survey and the author who has asked questions from the members should lead the questions by providing answer of his life first before asking to others.


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    I do not find any of the above as a good way of living. I would rather lead a life helping others when they need my assistance. My daughter is well settled and earns well. I do not expect anything from her and allow her to lead her own life although I have some health issues. Although I get pension of my late husband, I do not sit idle and waste my time watching soap operas. I teach English and spend my free time writing something useful. I consider this as good quality of life.

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    The term 'quality of life', I would say, is an abstract concept. There cannot be any laid down benchmarks to decide the quality of life. It mostly depends on individual needs and perceptions. Though money, material possessions, health, family life and social interactions are generally considered to decide the quality of life, there cannot be any set rules for this.

    I may be happy with my small family living in a small house with sufficient food and access to basic amenities and may be satisfied and happy that I am leading a quality life. But another may feel that he could have had better food, a bigger house, more amenities and that he could have send his kids to a better school and so on and may feel that his quality of life needs improvement. But that doesn't mean that quality of life is related to one's expectations or desires, though it is not totally disconnected also due to the presence of the element of happiness.

    Assessing the quality of life of a person is not an easy job because it involves social, psychological and physical factors. But, to cut it short, we may conclude that the quality of life of an individual depends on his level of physical and mental stability and his happiness and satisfaction. The examples given by the author is also pointing to this factor only.

    'Knowledge is knowing a Tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.' -Miles Kington

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    Quality of life comes into the picture only when the people themselves consider that they are enjoying perfect lives with availability of entire resources to make it meaningful. No one is going to offer you any ratings. This has to be evaluated by ourselves awarding nature of lives.
    In this connection, I do recall up of a generous doctor living in Kolkata intelligent enough to diagnose the disease correctly and as such patients approach this doctor with the firm faith of their heals, if by chance they could present their cases for getting genuine medicines. In the year 1995 or so he was charging Rs 20/- per patients. The speciality of his treatment was that he did not require any pathological report or otherwise to support the disease. Though his earnings was meagre but he led a life having been termed as a quality life. Though the business of his colleagues was running in lakhs per month, they cannot be kept in the same class.

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