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    Active GD- Social/ Cultural interactions will help in improving Indo-Pak ties- Agree/ Disagree?

    Pakistan is no longer in the FATF (Financial Action Task Force), meaning that the State has been following the guidelines put forward by the FATF with regard to funding of terrorist organizations. And again, India's victory against Pakistan in the nail biting, yet cordial, World T20 match yesterday, albeit on a foreign soil, was scintillating and serious debates are already on whether the Indian team should play in Pakistan and vice-versa. It is in this context that we are conducting this GD, though from a wider angle.

    It is said that music, arts and literature have no barriers and act as stimulants in building up cordial relationships. The issue of cultural and sports interaction between the two countries paving the way for better relations, politically, diplomatically and culturally, for a peaceful co-existence between the two neighbors have always been a topic that has been discussed in various circles in both the countries.

    Note- Apart from the general discussion as to whether such interactions and co-operation in the fields of sports, arts and culture would help in improving the bilateral ties between India and Pakistan, we would like our members to come out, firstly, with reasons, whether they would approve or oppose such moves and secondly, whether they feel that such interactions would help in improving the overall relation between the two nations. Terrorism and related issues, we know, will surely be a factor that may influence our thoughts and views, but let us widen our horizon and give the topic a deeper analysis keeping the past, present and future in mind.

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  • #766249
    Social and cultural relationships between two countries always help in improving the relationship between them. These things are very important because they bring the common masses to each other. There maybe difference of religion, difference of culture or difference of way of life between the two countries but the mixing and interchange of cultural and social ties brings a state of balance in which it is possible for two different cultures to coexist. In many parts of the world neighbouring countries are co existing amicably with each other under the above proposition so why it cannot happen in the case of India and Pakistan.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #766266
    We can see a lot of resemblance between the culture of Pakistan and India indicating that no external force was in a position to divide us. On different occasions, interaction of the people between the two countries came up showing how they have their regards for their neighbours. Let us forget the miscreants misguiding the people of the two countries with their irresponsible comments. Hence there is always a scope of strengthening our ties between the two countries in the areas of education, cultural communication, enhancing technical skills, establishing ties for the promotion of business and participation of mutual games for cementing friendly ties.
    We have seen the people of Pakistan how they have offered their esteemed regards to Late Lata Mangeshkar, Late Rafi, Suman Kalyanpuri for their unparalleled contributions in the music and so is the case of singer of late Noorjehan of Pakistan having got so much love of the Indian listeners. We can see the craze of music listeners of our country having intense passions for Ustaad Fateh Ali Khan, Alif Aslam, Nazia Hassan, Reshma etc for their significant contributions in the music. This mutual bond is not to die down so easily. Let this healthy trend prevail for nurturing our relationships.

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    I fully agree that interactions culturally as well as socially will make people together. That will improve cordial relations between people of different families, states and countries. But there should not be any different mottos among any of the people.
    In Hyderabad, different religion people live together and they spend cordially together. They will share their joy and happiness on all occasions together. They have very cordial relations. But some politicians never like this. They will try to divide them and create some issues.
    The same is the case with Indo-Pak relations also. Definitely, the citizens of both the countries like each other and they like living together. Yesterday in Australia when the cricket match was held between these two countries, Indians as well as Pakistanis sat together and enjoyed the match. There were no disturbances and the match went off well. Imagine in such a situation some anti-social elements peep in and create some disturbance, we might have seen different situations there.
    If the governments of both countries sincerely try for unity and try to eliminate the interference of anti-social elements, the relations will get strengthened by these social and cultural interactions,

    always confident

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    In addition to the above, the politicians of both countries should not bring in their personal agendas in between. Before independence, both countries were only one country and all of them participated together in the freedom fight. So bringing unity between these two countries is not a very tough task. Interactions among the citizens of both countries should take place directly without any selfish mottos. For this, these cultural and social activities help a lot.
    There are many Indians who used to like Imran Khan as a cricketer. Many citizens used to gather around when he was in India. Our Indian player married a Pakistani player and they are going on well.
    When Vajpayee was the PM, he started a bus service from India to Pakistan and he himself travelled in the same. Many used to travel. But unfortunately, the interference of some antisocial elements spoiled the entire show. So there are many chances for better relations if tried sincerely through the mentioned activities.

    always confident

  • #766269
    In the Melbourne Cricket Ground, yesterday's match out of 90 thousand spectators, at least more than 5% are cross-border couples. Where Indian national wife and Pakistan National Husband and Pakistan wife and Indian Husband are present., and this is not restricted to particular communities or religions. Because Gujarat Kutch, Punjab, and Rajasthan are close or share Pakistan's borders are usually marry a Pakistani boy or Girl to an Indian boy or Girl. It is a well-known fact.
    Based on the situation, humans in the society should follow an abelian group (Closure, Associative, Identity, Inverse, and Commutative)-- Bhushan

  • #766275
    Respecting each others culture and understanding each others religion is a great way to cordial relations. Common people are always receptive to those ideas. The problem is created by the evil persons in the society this side or that side. They will provoke the common man and charge them with hatred and fighting encouragement. Gullible and common people do not understand these things and fall in the trap and waste their time and energy in unnecessary activities. It is the duty of concerned government to nab these elements and punish them so that such things do not happen in the society and people live in peace and mix up with each other.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #766276
    While talking about the sentiments of the common people of both the countries, we would observe their common interest wishing to remain peacefully with the appreciation of cultures prevalent between the two countries. People of both the countries are warm and affectionate, ready to sacrifice their own interests in case of development of crisis for sufferers. Both of them have the common identities in terms of thinking, reacting more or less in the similar ways for some issues and have the urges for living in peace.
    However, the unfortunate part is their so called leaders who would not like to see them maintaining any cordiality with the people of India for their own interest.
    Though Ayub Khan - President of Pakistan was the most capable president transforming Pakistan into a successful industrial belt with the commissioning of power plants and other industries but his speech created bifurcation between the people of two countries. There was the break out of the war in 1965 between India and Pakistan as a result of his hate speeches. The same trend was followed by other politicians as well including Imran Khan. He even went to the extent of unleashing nuclear devastation if India did not pay heed to his instructions. The politicians for their own gains have exploited their own citizens and have created hate among the minds of the people of Pakistan.

  • #766279
    There could be the possibility of restoration of peace between the two countries namely India and Pakistan provided the leaders of the countries are sincere enough to maintain the attitudes of friendly relationships. In that case, they have to change their own attitudes of inciting violence in course of their public speech. They are in the habits of doing such activities to cover up their own lapses of managing their countries smoothly containing high inflation, taking care of employment, increasing health care and above all checking the activities of terrorists for the sake of peace and prosperity of their nations. They are failures on these vital points and as such they have resorted to the easy path of diversion of the minds of their own people from the main issues. Normalisation of the relationship is possible only with the sincere approach of the leaders between the two countries.

  • #766283
    The healthy relationship between two countries is an important factor for the stability of that particular area. India and Pakistan including South East Asia region and we all know the under development and poverty compared to many other parts of the world due to the issues between these two countries. This issue basically started from 1947 and still going on. We all know the history very well and the reason for the issues between these countries.

    Many leaders tried to get a solution for this, but all gone in vain. Many of the power tanks of both countries don't have sincere interest to get a solution. They all have political or financial vested interests to gain out of it. It is a fact, generally not agreeing it. Millions of poor people in these two countries are suffering because of this. The defense budgets of both countries taking the main chunk of the total budget which is not at all convincible. All these money can use for the well-being of the people instead of wasting the money by bringing missiles and other arms and ammunitions.

    The abhorrence between two countries transferring to generations and which is a sad thing to look at it. From previous experiences, Social/ Cultural interactions will not help in improving Indo-Pak ties. We tried many times to play cricket each other, we used train and buses between both countries to get people closer. We tried to arrange Music. dance, drama and movies in both countries by exchanging artists. Most of the society are in favor of such activities, but a small opposition but powerful gathering stand stood against all these efforts.

    Most of the time, issues created from Pakistani side, and we witnessed many attacks in Indian soil. So, our politicians took a tough stand. First, they need to stop funding and exporting terrorism to India. Which is a decent approach considering our past experiences.

    So, my view is it is good to try arranging Social/ Cultural interactions. But there should be an agreement to stop and fight against terrorism. Or else any peace activities will not fetch benefits for us and the world.

    Vimaldev.........So simple

  • #766285
    Interaction between the countries would be futile unless both the countries are sensitive enough to resolve the issues of others as a result of negligence of the other party. This sort of approach can be brought up by the countries with the observation of the following parameters-
    1) Pakistan should not give so much importance to the military influencing in the administration and the military is under impression that they can do a lot of bargaining in framing a rule. Though such an understanding does not reflect anywhere but they are powerful enough to take important decisions.
    2) Both the countries should take adequate care in raising literacy rate of their people. Ranking of Pakistan is placed at 113 among 120 countries indicating that they are not matured enough in taking appropriate decisions which could suit their needs. India should also strive hard to improve its literacy rate particularly for female genders.
    3) In Pakistan, there has been military coups during the period of 1958 - 1971, 1977 - 88 and 1999 - 2008 despite the intervention of the administration, reflecting total failures of administration.
    4) Pakistan is not able to resist the activities of terrorists which could be evidenced that there was the Bombay Blast in November 2008 causing heavy casualties in the affected area due to absolutely no control of terrorists. In India, there is no such records.
    5) In the administration of Pakistan, there should be the representation of the educated mass reviewing the agenda to be passed by their senate. A better education of MP could bring about positive changes and in that sense, India is in comfortable state.

  • #766289
    I agree with Vimaldev that most of the time Pakistan has supported violence in our country. They supported anti-social elements to create violence in our country. This attitude of theirs made our leaders take a tough stand. If the leaders from Pakistan change their attitude and stop supporting violence against India, definitely that will become a major step to get a breakthrough in the relations between these two countries. Then the social or cultural activities that are planned between the two countries can be conducted with more harmony and the players and the artists can participate in these activities without any fear.
    We all know that India is not encouraging any terrorist groups and not creating any disturbances in our neighbouring countries. But India witnessed many attacks from terrorists and all these groups are finding their base in Pakistan only. So as told by me earlier this type of activity should not be encouraged. Then only there will be any forward step in attaining good relations. Otherwise, the attempts we make will be futile only.

    always confident

  • #766305
    There are many important factors which bring peace and cordial relationship between two countries and same applies for India and Pakistan. One of those factors is cultural and social ties between the two countries. These are the things through which long time relationships are created.
    It is true that there are certain matters between India and Pakistan which are creating a lot of problem and hindrance for their cordial coexistence but some of those problems are created by the international politics and hidden agenda of some underground mafia groups. Terrorism is not only a problem for our country but it has become a menace to the whole world. It is also very true that the different governments have to take actions and if required take a combined action against the evil elements which are always creating hindrance for good relationships between India and Pakistan.
    There are problem but it doesn't mean that because of those problems we snap our social and culture ties with Pakistan. We must remember that these two countries were born together when India got out of the clutches of the colonial emperors. Now it is up to these two countries as how they are going to make good relationship with each other. For that having social and cultural ties is a right step in a right direction.

    Knowledge is power.

  • #766306
    If both governments are really interested to have a united approach. they should discuss and organise some social and cultural, activities that will enhance interaction between the people of these two countries.
    1. India can allow Pakistani players also to participate in IPL and sponsors may buy some of the Pakistani players also in the auction. That will be the first step and if it goes well, we can think of conducting tournaments between the two countries in both countries.
    2. Both countries can think of conducting cultural programmes allowing a select few audiences and once they are successful they can think of having a series of programmes.
    3. Indo- Pak food fares can be conducted in a third country allowing only these two nationals and see how things will work out, Once they are successful food fares can be conducted in both countries.
    But these things will happen only when the governments of both countries sincerely want good relations. Both countries should think about the progress of their country but not the downfall of the other country. Then definitely we can expect good results from these activities. The primary responsibility of the governments is to see that the interaction between the people of both countries will improve.

    always confident

  • #766309
    Further to the above opinion from other members, we have to stick to one important subject. It is none other than our active GD subject. Can we bring the Indo -Pak relation to normality by arranging Social/ Cultural interactions between the nationals. If it is possible, then how can this to be organized?

    As I mentioned in my previous message, there should be a harmonic atmosphere to arrange any type of cultural events in any place. So, in my opinion if we can find a permanent venue to organize such functions. Preferably a place near the border area so that both nationals can come and participate and also can interact easily. People should encourage the importance of bringing both countries together through their cultural events.

    Poverty is the main opponent that each country has to defeat. So, both governments should try to give more jobs to those who are seeking for their bread and butter. If people have job, they will not go criminal activities such as international terrorism and this can be benefitted to both India and Pakistan.

    Vimaldev.........So simple

  • #766313
    After going through the viewpoints of the esteemed members, I wish to highlight the example of a joint family. It breaks because of the lack of coordination and goodwill among the members. The same is the case within a world where many nations are there, but they can cordially stay only when they respect each others' territory and their law. Creating problems for another country is a crime. A family remains intact when everyone follows the family rules, and the same is when every country respects international laws. Then the relation between the nations cannot deteriorate. Unfortunately, Pakistan fails to respect India's status. That's how the problem between India and Pakistan has become a big issue. Naturally, India cannot ignore the wrong movements of Pakistan because only mutual respect can bring peace between the two countries.

  • #766317
    Let us not forget that being fond of Pakistani delicacies or liking their music, love for some talented sportspersons or respect for their literary work does not bring harmony between the two countries. Love and respect among Indians and Pakistanis can get stronger when the citizens learn to be humane and respect humanity. It can only happen when politicians stop infuriating citizens through their hate speeches and work hard on educating the nationals. Spreading hate is too easy than spreading the love because illiteracy never awakens people, and they become blind followers of cheap dramas. People fail to think about their country's progress and only learn to hate the people of the neighbouring country. It has badly affected the tourism industry, cross-border cultural exchanges, sports and the literary field, along hotel industry. To bring harmony, the politicians of both countries need to be humane first and then deliver speeches, or else they only know to give hate speeches and make every issue extremely sensitive.

  • #766318
    I completely agree that social and cultural interaction will make both country relationship strong. As far as lndia and Pakistan relationship are concerned, these two country always have been in against of each other. If cultural event is done between two country then both country people will sit together. As a result, relationship might be strong. For making relationship strong, both country should come forward and take initiative. India should invite Pakistani players to participate in IPL and sponsors should buy some of the Pakistani players in the auction. That is one way to make relationship strong between two countries.
    Terrorism has been major problem for our country. Many terrorist belong to muslim community and come from Pakistan. So, if we want to stop cross border terrorism so, culture and social interaction is best option.

  • #766319
    Apart from the governmental sides from both the governments, there is always the scope of involvement of the citizens of both the countries living abroad to have their social contacts freely to exchange their views how best they can arouse interest among their fellow men for the sustenance of interest in music, arts and literature apart from development of normal relationships between the people of India and Pakistan.
    There are a lot of Indian and Pakistani people living in England, Germany, Canada, America etc who can take part for encouraging promotional activities in the areas of music, literature and sports with their countrymen in addition to making contacts of the people of Pakistan versus India or otherwise. Such an effort could further intensify the bond of unity between the people of Pakistan and India.

  • #766320
    Participants are requested to note that the inimical attitude between the two nations and the role of Pakistan in cross-border terrorism are well known facts but whether encouraging social and cultural interactions despite such differences will help in improving Indo-Pak ties and if so, how, is the question that is to be primarily dealt with.
    'Knowledge is knowing a Tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.' -Miles Kington

  • #766321
    There are many problems between India and Pakistan not because of common people but because of certain evil elements who are working underground and operating terrorist activities in India. These evil forces want to destabilize India and its democratic system and have a hidden agenda of benefiting from that. Anyway, these things are to be tackled at the government level through deployment of spying and intelligence services followed by stern measures taken by the police and armed force. That process is already going on and I am confident that the terrorist elements will be punished and eradicated in due course of time. But till then we can't sit silent on the inter relationship between the two countries. We must have social and culture interactions and interchanges between the two countries so that the artists, writers, workers, students, and social workers in these countries start to feel on the same track and when people of two countries are socially with each other the end result will definitely be peaceful and cordial.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #766324
    One should not forget that all the citizens of both countries lived together in the same country without any problems. Many of the citizens respect other religious people also. The separation and enmity developed mainly due to politics. So bringing harmony among the people will never be a difficult proposition and one way is to increase the interactions between citizens of both countries. Social and cultural activities are one of the important ways to unite them.
    I have already suggested some ways to organise some meetings among the people in my response #766306. Exchange of ideas, values and traditions among the people with due respect to each other will definitely bring in a lot of change in the relations. Indian music lovers may be there in Pakistan and Pakistani ghazals are liked by many Indians. So having musical interactions with the experts from both countries can be initiated so that we may witness a good change in the thinking of the citizens. Citizen diplomacy will be a good path to bring unity. For this, these cultural meets will help.

    always confident

  • #766327
    We can argue that both India and Pakistan would be benefited substantially with some reconciliations. While individual initiatives might be of greater benefits to one country over the other, the overall benefits of reconciliation would amount to a greater benefit.
    Let us consider the two vital factors indicated below-
    1) Nuclear Weapons- Considering our possessions of Nuclear Weapons causing a great threat to both the nations, we should have greater understanding regarding its rational use and the risks associated with the stacking of such weapons. After all, both the countries are committed to safe life of their citizens and hence we should have more stringent steps regarding its use, storage and related health check ups of the citizens living in such critical areas so as to know the emission hazards and taking appropriate steps to curb such hazards.
    2) Ensuring peace in their regions-
    Elimination of terrorist attack in their regions both countries could reap peace dividends by way of saving money as a result of less military spendings. This money could be channelised in other productive purposes such as irrigation, husbandry, health and education areas etc.

  • #766332
    Our neighbouring country has become the den of terrorism. We all know that the BCCI has refused to go to Pakistan to participate in Asia Cup 2023. It is natural to take such a stand because the safety of the Indian team, support staff and Board officials is paramount. Pakistan-sponsored terrorism is so prevalent that sports events that are great for strengthening mutual bonds and developing respect for each other are at risk. In future, Pakistan may also take such a stand. The point is how and when the two countries will start working together on eradicating terrorism. It is the need of the hour that the ambassadors of both countries, the governments and the other powerful and respectable citizens should hold discussions and relentlessly work hard to make both the countries and the rest of the world a safer place to reside.

  • #766333
    In response to your argument, Dr Rao, I would like to mention that arranging some cultural and literary exchange programs is a good idea. Well, the governments of both countries must show their guts in taking an onus upon themselves if any untoward incident occurs during the events. They should not indulge in mudslinging with one another, or the problem will intensify further.


  • #766335
    #766333, In response to your post, Shampa Sadhya, I like to mention that for any positive step in this regard, there should be a commitment from both governments and the respective government should take responsibility for conducting the events peacefully. That is my I mentioned in my other post that initially these events should be conducted behind closed doors with some special invitees so that level of confidence among the governments as well as the governments will increase. If the event is happening in India, the Indian government should take responsibility and if it happens in Pakistan their government should take responsibility. But the point I like to take home is that this type of event will definitely give enhanced chances for improving the relations between the two countries.
    always confident

  • #766337
    There are a lot of talented people in both the countries having made significant contributions in the different areas but they are the dark figures in absence of social contacts. They are the genius people in the field of writing novels in English but residing in Pakistan such as Mohsin Hamid, Nadeem Aslam, Muhammad Hanif etc. Again there is Hasim Nadeem - a noted Urdu Novelist having several prizes to her credit.
    Renowned Dr. Abdus Salam - who won the Novel Prize in Physics in December 1979 had tremendous passion in his teaching profession and their students have even fared well.
    We need to take pain to identify the eminent personalities of Pakistan through our painstaking exercises and so is the case with the people of Pakistan to develop interest in the Indian distinguished personalities for their significant contributions.
    This could be possible only when sincerity lies in the attitudes of both the governments. People of both the countries need to recognise in the right perspectives.
    Wagah Boarder activities of the militaries of both the governments is praiseworthy but it need to be initiated in other areas as well. Samjhota Express once running connecting to India and Pakistan was a praiseworthy step and this needs to be revived for nurturing the relationships between the two countries.
    In the upcoming time, India would fare well in terms of economic growth by the year 2030 and an honest effort made by the Pakistan would go a long way in benefiting the people of Pakistan. They need a far sight approach to extract benefits.

  • #766339

    I agree with you, Dr Rao. In my previous comment, I mentioned that both governments should act strongly against terrorism. Condemning each other is not a solution. They need to remain vigilant and act accordingly. A blame game is a waste of time, and the culprits take the leverage out of it. Both countries should act unitedly against terrorism because terrorists are always opportunists. They will act only according to their benefit.

    Promoting cultural programmes, literary affairs, sports, travel and tourism, and showcasing the cuisines of each other will invariably help to understand the citizens of both countries in a much better way. Such occasions will create harmony among the mass, and then the terror outfits will find difficulty in brainwashing the general public. It is a simple equation that the governments have failed to utilize. A wholehearted attempt is missing from both sides, and some meaningless provocating remarks become a spoiler. Policies with strong principles from both sides can bring change to the bilateral relationship, and they must learn to respect every religion or else every policy will fall flat.


  • #766344
    #766339, That is correct Shampa Sadhya, One should have the will and wish to achieve unity. Then anything will definitely work and the best is Citizen diplomacy. Cultural and social interactions will definitely be the best way to improve interactions. All the stakeholders should play their roles properly and sincerely and see ways and means to arrange various meets and interactions either in the field of arts or sports or literature-related activities and definitely those will yield good results.
    always confident

  • #766346
    The issue between both countries started by the elite politicians of both countries. Not the common people of both countries. This is clear when you travel in Gulf countries. Many Indian and Pakistani nationals are working for same company. This is without any issue and instead of that they are working and living with peace and happy. So, I can say the issues between political parties and army. Not between common man, if you give opportunity, they will interact without any issues.

    Actually, border parts have many marriages between both country people.

    So, my final comment is clear. There no such enmity between the common people but the governments have.

    Vimaldev.........So simple

  • #766349
    After going through all the comments made by the other members, it is clear that most Indians wish to have a cordial relationship between Pakistan and India. The worst part is politicians bring in religion while discussing the issue. India is a secular country, so demeaning any religion and giving importance to another is unacceptable. The Government should be very particular about a matter that people of minority religions should not feel demeaned in their own country. Giving equal importance to every religion should be the main motto. It is wrong to ignore or insult any religion and humiliate the people observing that particular religion creates a negative complex within the minds of the people that leads to illegal activities.

    Thus, I believe that terrorism is awful and creates havoc within countries. One should tackle the issue very sensibly and respectfully to wipe out terrorism.


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