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    Rishi Sunak - the newly appointed PM of the UK

    Rishi Sunak is an Indian origin person and is appointed as the PM of the UK.
    Rishi Sunak is a British politician, leader and MP of the conservative party. He is now the first British asian prime minister.
    He studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford in the UK, and Business Administration at Stanford in the USA.
    Today UK is facing many problems and how Rishi Sunak is going to address them that only coming times will be able to tell.
    Let us hope that during his tenure many ongoing problems in the UK will get resolved.
    I congratulate him on his appointment to this much coveted position.
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    Yes the social media platforms and mainstream news channels are eye on this person only and they are coming up with all sorts of his personal, professional, academical and financial positions to enter into 10 downing street, London which is official residence of PM of UK and he has really tough challenges to undergo as his predecessor left at very early. He has many first in his PM career as he is the first Asian, first Indian origin, first less aged, first billionaire to enter into this residence etc and also the first Hindu(minority in UK) PM.

    As you said, the whole world will be looking into the doings of him and challenges he overcome in UK. I also congratulate him through this forum.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    We feel great to say that a person of Indian origin is the PM of the UK now. But what he will be doing to our country is not known. Basically, he is not supportive of India so far. Whether he may his stance now is to be seen. Anyhow, the present position of the UK is not very good and we have to see how he is going to face the situation and tackle the issues. His grandfather constructed a temple in the UK and that is being maintained by this man these days I understand.
    Now Indian origin people are in very good positions either in ruling or in corporates. But ultimately how they are going to help their origin country is a big question mark. I wish him all the success as the Prime Minister of the UK.

    always confident

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    I will tell you one thing don't feel Negative comments about it. Lizz Strauss resigned from the Prime Minister post after Borris was reluctant to participate in the race. There was nobody left out to take the rotten biscuit. Hence given Rishi Sunak. Xi Jinping is heading into another five years as China's paramount leader and is also a cause for giving Indian-origin president the UK.
    Based on the situation, humans in the society should follow an abelian group (Closure, Associative, Identity, Inverse, and Commutative)-- Bhushan

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