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    Do you find door and window locking systems frustrating?

    The old system of locking the house- we slid the bolting latch across, locked the upper keyhole, and put an imposing Godrej lock. Nowadays you may not see this system at all. Just a keyhole and a door handle. Some may be easy, wherein you slip the key in, turn it, and turn the handle. In some cases, though, have you seen the fiddly door handles when you return to someone's home after going out with them? You have to wait patiently for them to unlock the door! It is not that there are 2-3 latches and keyholes, but some homes have this system where you need to turn the key twice and the door handle anti-clockwise or some such thing.

    The windows, too, sometimes have complicated locking features. Whereas in your home it may be a simple latch at the top and/or bottom, in another place you will find that you need to press up or down to open a sliding window. Some require a delicate touch, others require some force.

    The hotel room locking systems are in another league altogether! The room card often does not open the room on sliding it into the slot, and you have to make an exasperated call to the front desk to seek assistance.

    Have you come across complicated doors and windows that frustrated you no end?
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    With technological advancements in design and manufacturing, locks have also evolved and the old system of latch and lock is replaced with automatic door locks. So a separate lock is not required now as that is fixed on the door itself.
    New designs are generally better but the problem is that if there is some defect in the lock then the user will have to get them replaced or repaired in time. Till then one will have to struggle while locking and unlocking. These new locking systems are costlier also and are required to be kept in perfect order.
    I have some bitter experiences with automatic locking system when I was alone and absent mindedly got out of the house without keys. The main door got locked and I had to call one expert key mechanic to make a duplicate key and open it. New technologies are convenient but there are hidden things locked in them.

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    Using padlocks is a simple and easy way of locking systems for doors and windows. But the padlocks should be heavy and stronger. In case the keys go missing, it is easy to handle and unlock the locks. Locking systems with a hole in the door would be much safe but, it creates some problems sometimes for us. Every gadget has its specified lifetime and depreciation. If padlocks go damaged, we could throw them away and buy a new one easily. But, we could not repair or replace the door hole lock system as much easier. We may have to approach a specific service person to repair it. In the olden days of government buildings like hostels and colleges, glass windows with iron frames are seen mostly. They have iron handles inside the windows. They could not be easily locked, as they are much harder.
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    In our house, we have Godrej locks for the doors and there is no issue in opening or closing these doors. Only central locks and one lock are sufficient. But for windows we have the multiple bolts system and opening and closing them takes a little time. In addition to these doors, we have mosquito meshes in all the windows. So to close or open the window doors we have to open the meshes first. In my house daily opening doors and windows and again closing the night is my responsibility and I have to do it without forgetting. If I go out of station my wife will be doing the same.
    The problem card swiping for opening the doors in some hotels is very common and sometimes we may get fed up and call reception for sending somebody to do the needful. Sometimes the card time will expire and we may have to get it changed at the rece[ption.

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    "The hotel room locking systems are in another league altogether! The room card often does not open the room on sliding it into the slot, and you have to make an exasperated call to the front desk to seek assistance."
    It was what I had to experience the other day.

    The room door did not have a handle to pull from inside. There was a tower bolt above. a tower bolt below; that was all. Once we locked the tower bolt, the door got jammed and we could not open the door from inside as there was no handle. We had to call the room boy or reception desk. As it was just a short stay for a partial day time, we did not change the room. But I tied a plastic rope to the lower bolt and somehow managed till we vacated.

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    Keeping the feeling of frustrating on one side, my view is the locking systems if introduced newly in houses it should be explained well for all persons contained. Whenever I stay in hotels I used to take the keys of the room only when I move out of the hotel. Normally I never go out of my room for any thing. Once I went to Chandigarh and stayed in a famous hotel. I was not aware that they are having automatic lock system in the main door. I got a call from reception table that a phone call was waiting for me. I puzzled that no person was about to call me, went to the reception table by just closing the room door. After talking over I went back to the room but I could not open the door, I went back to the reception for remedy. They told that the room key should be taken in hand whenever go out of the room as the door was under automatic lock system. Then he called the owner to get the duplicate keys, brother of owner came with bunch of duplicate keys and opened the room. He trained me how to use the lock when coming out and not to forget to take the keys whenever comes out. It was in 1989 and it was a good lesson to me on that day.

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    Another hilarious experience I heard is standing in a hotel lift waiting for it to move and when nothing happened, inquiring at the reception desk to be informed that they need to use the room card to use the lift as well. This was a good security feature, as it prevented casual visitors from accessing the floors above, but the guest should be informed about it surely when the card is handed over at check-in.
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