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    Are you confused about food selections in a restaurant?

    From time to time, some of us may enjoy dining out at a restaurant, whether alone or with family or friends. Some may be places that we have been to already and are clear about what we could like to eat. Some are restaurants with a simple menu, while others have a large menu, so much so that it often resembles a book! The options are so many as to possibly confuse you. On the one hand, you want to order many things, and on the other hand, you realize it is not possible to eat so many dishes, even if you are in a group that will share the food.

    When dining out, do you-
    1. Ask for the menu
    2. Ask the waiter what are the dishes, and go with the waiter's recommendation on what to eat.
    3. There may be a dish called 'Chef's Special' or 'Dish of the Day'. Would you select that?

    I always ask for the menu even if it is a restaurant that I have gone to before because sometimes the menu does change and there may be something new that I would love to try out. If the waiter recommends something, I may not go for it, and the same is the case with any special dish. I would definitely want to know the ingredients in the dish first and then decide. Price may also be a factor. If the recommended dish is something extremely expensive and I mentally tell myself it is not worth it, then I would not order it at all.

    What comes into play in your decisions when dining out? Have you had some extraordinary delectable dish that you have blindly ordered without a second thought?
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    Anyone will get confused with an elaborate menu because it is very difficult to choose one or two dishes out of such a detailed list. Generally, there is a tendency in people to go to the same place where they had tasted the dish earlier and it was good and so is reliable also. But there are many occasions when we go out to other places and try the new hotels or restaurant for taking the meals. That time we have to select from the menu only and sometimes rely on the information given by the waiter.
    I generally ask the waiter whether they can customise the dish for us like not adding chillies or things like that and if answer is in affirmative then place the order for that.
    Another thing is that these eating places generally use certain spices for the dishes and in a group of dishes we would find the same spices. So it would be better to order different dishes group wise like one chinese dish, one North Indian style, one like hyderabadi biryani etc. That would make the food full of variety.

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    Normally we might be confused of the long entries of items in the menu and selection would be rather difficult sometimes. To save time and also to have the authentic taste of the selected items, I normally ask the waiter which veg/ non-vegetarian items could be more enjoyable. I also add that the dish should not be too much spicy and above all, this must suit my pockets. Waiter's decision are sometimes valuable in the selection of items. However, sometimes I feel that same restaurant would provide an item with the same taste enjoyed earlier. Hence sometimes we should dine out even with other restaurants to have some exciting flavours of the items.

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    When you go to you a hotel with a wish to eat a specific dish you will not have confusion in selecting the requirement. But when we go with an open mind, we may have some confusion and sometimes selection may become difficult.
    Whenever I go to a hotel to eat, I ask the waiter to give the menu and go through the same. At the same time, I will also ask the waiter about the dished available and also ask for his recommendations. Generally, I am fond of South Indian food only and hence I select something from those dishes only. But other family members like to eat north Indian dishes. So, I leave the selection to them, and I eat whatever they order. If I go alone, I order for myself.

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    Nope, I am never confused. When I go to restaurent with family or with friend, I make sure that I have enough money to spent on it. People go to restaurent to enjoy it and we should not think of cost. If anyone is so particular about costing, they should not go out to eat in first place. Frankly, I often go to restaurent with my friend and we do not bother what to order what not, what we feel to eat we order, enjoy it and return. Yes, in our menue the tower of beer will be always there of course not with family but with friends.

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    Many a time, I was confused about not only the menu but also the restaurant. I start with the idea of going to a non-vegetarian restaurant but end up taking vegetarian food. It cannot be so when going out for food with family. When going alone, the choice is mine, and I do whatever I feel like.
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    My habit of hotel items are always that area specials for dinner. For lunch only rice meals. Breakfast mostly idli or pongal. I used to decide the item before going itself.

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    When I go restaurant I order my regular favorite dish. Because most of the new dishes may not be good taste as we expect. I experienced it at many restaurants. For example, not all restaurants cook biriyani with the same taste. Some restaurants prepare it like tomato rice. Even at some high-class restaurants, it happens. So, I don't take risks ordering new and unaccustomed dishes. I know the tastes of some restaurants for their specific variety of dishes. I usually go that restaurants and take food.
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    What Umesh mentioned about customized food is an aspect that many diners opt for. We may instruct the waiter that we want less spice or no spice at all and if the waiter mentions that the particular dish cannot be customized like that, then we will skip it.

    Jeets stated "People go to restaurants to enjoy it and we should not think of cost." I think cost does play a factor in the pre-selection process. When one checks out a restaurant before going, if the prices are too high, it is possible that one would not go there. Also, it is possible that although one takes sufficient money and goes for a fine dining experience with the knowledge that the prices are a bit high, perhaps one would avoid ordering dishes that are really astronomically priced. Sometimes it is best to stick to a budget rather than over-splurge.

    And have you found that sometimes, one finds that a particular dish that one has ordered has barely enough food on the plate!

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    Vandana, you did not talk about expensive restaurent or simple one, right? You talk about restaurent which can be both! It is obvious that people will visit to those restaurent where there budget fit. I will obviously not go to those restaurent where my pocket will not allow. However, when I go, I don't think about cost because I knew how much I can spent. Of course budget is the the important part but one have to decide it before entering to the restaurent. Whether normal or expensive when one decide to go to restaurent the budget is always in the mind. And, you go to enjoy and not stressing yourself how much you spent!

    Yes, there are restaurent where you pay good enough but quantity is not enough. All these think one should decide it before going into the restaurent. If one is so particular abour budget and spending money then restaurent is not place for them. After all there is no need to get BP high after paying the bill and regret it for another week.

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    This is a really interesting thread, as it deals with a lot of personal experience. I never do this work when I go to a restaurant with my family, because it is really confusing, I want something else for any member of my family. My first choice is always a "Tadka Daal", which I decide in advance after the responsibility goes to the other people accompanying me, who are mostly my siblings. Sometimes we already decided on a specific food place because of some of their specialty so in this case, no one worries about orders, because we already make a mindset about what we gonna eat there.

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    Whether I am alone or with a group, I always ask for the menu. When I am in a group I do not select the dishes and give the others the job of ordering the dishes, I only tell my preference when they ask about my choice. I always tell the waiter not to add chillies to the dishes and if it is unavoidable then I ask for their opinion about an alternative.

    When I am alone at the restaurant, I select the dishes from the menu but if I find the menu too confusing, when it has a couple of pages, I ask the waiter what is the special dish at that restaurant and what it consists of and then order it. If I find the ingredients of that dish not of my choice then I ask for the opinion of the waiter and then order accordingly.


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