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    That excessive number of pens!

    There was a recent thread about how if we take an inventory of the house, we would discover exactly how many appliances, furniture, etc we have. Let's talk about stationery, especially pens. Have you found that every now and then somebody is buying a new pen, and the number of pens either in the pen stand or a drawer or just lying around has increased to an amazing number? In my house, I once found an entire packet of ballpoint pens in a cupboard that we didn't realize we had! The refills had long since dried out and not been replaced.

    I think the penchant for buying a new pen perhaps is due to that refill. We sometimes don't realize that the pen we bought will not have a refill that can be replaced. Sadly, it becomes a use-and-throw product. Some pens are of the type that requires a refill of a specific length and we cannot do some artistry of cutting a longer one with a blade and somehow squashing it into the pen! Then there are other stationery products such as a highlighter or sticky notes or a box of paper clips that may have been needlessly bought when we already have them.

    Have you found in your home or even at the office too many pens, pencils, erasers, paper clips, etc that are not even frequently used?

    (When raising this topic, I recalled that photo that Sun had shared of his work desk with a pen stand full of a variety of pens.)
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    I think this is a situation in many households where there are a lot of pens lying here and there in stands or in the cupboards on one side. Some of them will be working while some of them are used ones. Some will be having dried ink in their refills having no use to us.
    There was a time when we did not buy pens except on the start of the annual school session. We only changed the refill time to time and pen lasted for quite some time. The technology changed the scenario completely. Use and throw pens came in the market like a storm and most of the people are using them.
    Recently before Diwali festival I checked my stationery inventory in the home and found a good number of pens which were old or not working. I threw them out but still I have a good number of working pens in my cupboard and study table. Some people like to keep one pen in each room and one pen in kitchen and one pen in drawing room just at the exit so that if they want to note something it will be available immediately. That will definitely increase the number of pens available in the house.

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    I have always loved buying not only pens and pencils but also stationery items. I have a good collection of different types of pens, pencils, pen stands, rulers,erazers, notebooks, and some other items. Indeed, some pens do not write when in need. I throw them off immediately. Reynold pens last longer than other pens of cheaper quality.
    Even now I have some new notebooks which I have never used for many years. The saddest part is when you need a pencil to mark something and it would need sharpening. However, in spite of having many sharpeners, I would struggle to find them. Finally, I have decided not to buy any more items till the old stock gets exausted. By doing so I can not only save money but also get things easily when in need. Storing only a few pens and pencils in the pen stand at a specific place at home will help us a lot when we need them.

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    As the average price of a ballpoint pen is only 5 Rupees or 3 Rupees, I usually buy a new one if I forget my existing pen at home. This is how more pens are accumulated at home. But, I collectively use all of them and finish them till their full usage. As a memory, some people keep their old pens used in schools and colleges. Most of them would be ink-filling pens or Reynolds ballpoint pens. They evoke our school and college memories.
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    In earlier days we used to have one pen and we were changing the refills or we may be filling the ink. Those days we were not having any extra pens in the house but the pen we have would be working always. But the situation is different nowadays. We will have many pens in the house but none of them will be working. I used to keep the pens I got when I attend a seminar or a meeting in a tray in my house. Whenever anybody wants a pen used to take from that collection. Similarly, we will be finding a number of pencils also in the house. My wife will always shout at me saying not to bring so many pens and pencils home. Nobody is using any pen or pencil. So I stopped bringing them home. Slowly the stock has come down. But still, we will find at least 10 or 12 pens always in that tray. Now we are finding more colour pencils in our house. My granddaughter will be regularly using them for colouring the pictures.
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    A couple of months ago, I found a lot of pens in a specific pen stand and all of them are without refills. Many of those ball pens were purchased because the refills for those specific pens were not available and the price of the pens was also not much. Some of the pens had rubber grips and I found the grips had worn out. I threw away those pens and kept a couple of them with the intention to search for their refills. Till now, I enquired about the refill of only a single pen and the rest is still lying on the pen stand. Actually, the use of pens has come down and nowadays, mostly I prefer use-and-throw pens as varieties of such pens are available.

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    When I was in third year degree, we have outside professionals as guest lecturers that is two chartered accountants and one lawyer. Among them one Chartered Accountant took classes on Income Tax and Costing for us. I saw he was having three pens in his packet. This impressed in my mind however. When I joined in employment, I casually kept two pens for black and red. Later when I become a signing authority, to different myself, I started to use an ink pen with turquoise blue. Since then I planned to have turquoise blue, red, blue and black pen in my office going brief case.

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    For me Pens are used till my graduation and as I have shared in other thread, to improve my handwriting, I used an ink pen that too it was a fat type and hence my fingers are always pained and have an impression of holding pen. Afterwards, thanks to the computer technology and other later technology, I have not used pens except for signing.
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    Sorry I wanted to write that in my last response but missed it. Yes the remembering of SUN on many occasions not only in ISC and even outside is happening and that is the spirit of him and he shared many real things and in between he will share the fictional stories too to be real. But somehow the great member we lost.
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    I find it ironic that although the use of pens has come down, there will be an excessive number of them. While we are mostly tapping away on devices, we do need a pen to fill up a form. Let's say we go to the bank and are told some form is required to be filled in. We decide to fill it up at home later since it is not urgent, and on the way, we stop at a shop and buy a pen. That is one reason why the number of pens accumulates. There is also the situation where we are aware beforehand that a form has to be filled in. Yet, we fail to take a pen. The bank staff is often fed up with customers taking pens and not returning them so they will be purchasing some more.
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