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    Freedom from school uniforms on going to college- did it excite you?

    Many youngsters are thrilled going to college for various reasons- new things to learn for a career ahead, new friends to bond with, etc. Surely one of the reasons will also be the possibility of not having to wear a uniform. Some colleges do have a uniform for Class XI and XII and B-Schools will have formal western attire, but generally, there is no uniform as such.

    Some schools would have a change in the uniform after a few years, maybe decades, and have fixed PT kits as well as per the House system. At the college level, a sports team would wear a uniform colour to distinguish them from another team. A few times we have even come across controversies where sleeveless tops were banned or slashed jeans were not permitted on the campus. By and large, though, there is the freedom to wear what you want.

    How did you feel about not having to follow any rigid rules about uniforms during your college days? Were you happy to have that freedom?
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    We had a school uniform during our school days and it was very strictly monitored by the teachers and we always went to school in that dress. Most of the students were from a poor or lower middle class family and had only 1 or 2 pairs of that school dress and we all kept them ready by washing them in the evening itself and next day kept them under our bedding so that they get strengthened. Some of us also used coal fed iron press for pressing the clothes.
    When I completed my class 12 and joined my UG course then there was no uniform there but we used to wear our school uniform along with other clothes and from that teachers and senior students could easily make out as from which chool we came there.
    Most of us used those uniforms till we completed our UG course. It was so common those days to use the school dress in the college phase that no one pointed out about that in any way.

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    My education starting from primary school to my Ph.D. was in government institutions only. There was no compulsion of wearing any uniform in any class, When I joined the 6th class, the school introduced the uniform dress-wearing system but never implemented it strictly. So I never had the feeling of getting relieved from the rule of wearing the uniform.
    After joining in the job also in our organization there is no system of wearing the uniform for management staff. But all others have to wear the prescribed uniform. I was in management cadre I was never asked to wear the uniform.

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    The students mentality may be different from the office goers. When I joined in my second and last employment, as it was in factory I have to wear uniform only in all working days. I, after three years, was given outdoor tours, so during that time only I was free from uniform. But after coming out of the employment after 24 years of service, now it is very difficult to wear other color shirts and felt wearing uniform dress itself a convenient one.

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    I think today's youth do have that pleasing feeling when entering college that they can wear not only casual wear but also try to style it as per the ongoing teen trends. This often extends to hairstyles, makeup, and accessories, where, for example, you can see boys sporting the latest hairstyle of a cricketer, or girls wearing a pair of earrings that were seen worn by a film star.
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    No it did not excite me much. I was from a lower-middle class family, while most of my college mates were from upper-middle class or high class families. So, the dress I wore was no way upto their level and hence had isolated myself from their circle. This is the case with most of the people from the lower middle class family, as they may not be able to spend a lot on clothing. I always felt uniform was the best bet, where there were no differences.

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