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    Is furniture used as per its function?

    In every home, there will be furniture that has its individual functional uses, such as a chair for sitting, a bed for sleeping, a sofa for guests/lounging in front of the TV, etc. Many times, the pieces of furniture are used beyond what their purpose is, and often not for what they are meant.

    Consider this-
    Nobody uses the dining table for dining. There will be tons of stuff on it, such as bottles, bowls, boxes, and this-and-that random things like a pen stand or a clock. Family members find it useful to use it as a work desk, sitting for hours with a laptop, and kids will use it for homework, art and craft, etc. Eating? That is done in a seated position elsewhere, with the plate held in the hand or on the lap.

    Nobody uses the sofa. While watching TV, they will sprawl on the floor and lean back against it. Kids will use it as a trampoline. Sleeping for a nap? No, it's too narrow for a comfortable siesta.

    Similarly, there are cupboards that are used to literally dump any kind of things, not just books, files, or clothes.

    What are the other types of furniture that you can think of that are not used for the purpose they were purchased?
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    The primary purpose of all the furniture items in a house is well known by the members of the family. Still people use them in other ways mainly due to lethargy and convenience. The purpose of a small ladder in the house is for accessing the places like roof or cupboards on higher levels or fans. Instead of bringing the ladder and using it people use chair, table, stool or anything for reaching the inaccessible places in the house. Many times that lead to fatal accidents also.
    Many of us are keeping small things in big cupboards and the big item which should go to cupboard go on the top of an almirah exposed to dust. Very few people have an idea of keeping things in proper places and creating extra space out of that.
    It is said that in a well arranged house there should be a place for everything and everything should be in its place. That would happen only when we keep things in an orderly way and adhere to discipline of keeping things back after using them. This applies to all the items in the house including the furniture items.

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    That is true. Even though the item is not supposed to be used for a purpose we will try to use it at our convenience. These days our beds are becoming our offices. This is happening in many houses since this work-from-home concept started. My elder son will be sitting on the bed and keeping the laptop just before him. Sometimes he will lie down on the bed and work. He will speak to his colleagues on phone by lying down on the bed. Even though he had a working table and chair, he uses them very rarely.
    As mentioned by the author our dining table will have many other items. Of course, they are all required for our lunch and dinner. So they will be kept there permanently. When kids are there in the house they use sofas and beds as their playgrounds and we can't stop them. If there are 2 or 3 kids there will be always a quarrel between them for using the same furniture by all of them.

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    The furniture requirements and usage vary from person to person as per their marital status and type of house. For the bachelor, a couple of chairs and a table if they work on a desktop computer. For families, chairs of more than 4 or 5 at least are needed to entertain to accommodate guests and relatives. If it is a rental home, it is advisable not to stuff the home full of furniture unless it is necessary. If it is our own home, we could decorate the home and install it with different designs and furniture.
    Thanks & regards
    Selvakumaran Krishnan

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    If I have to answer this thread, it may become a long article.
    I use my various furniture to multi-use most of them as narrated in the thread and some more uses too.

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    I used to tell my house persons not to put cloths on the sofa set, cot, chairs etc., instead to keep in the rope or nails meant for it, but is gone on vein by leaving a name for me that I am always finding fault on others. Yesterday I went to a friend's house first time and saw there also many cloths on the cot, chairs and on tailoring machine. I left a breath that it is everywhere around us. By reading this post by author and the replies I left long breath that this is become a common matter and there should be some vital power to correct.

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    One of my relatives humourously once said, "Where there is a vacuum or space, it will be filled up!" That is, if there is a table or shelf somebody is sure to put something there. Why leave it empty?!
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