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    Favourite sports movies and Web series on OTT

    I quite enjoy episodic series and movies on OTT that are related to sports, and I think have mentioned the names of a few in earlier discussions. I would like to share some that I have seen in the last 2-3 years and would like you to share any that you have enjoyed. We can just mention the general sport/theme without revealing the story.

    My list-
    International ones are-
    Secretariat on horse racing.
    Queen of Katwe on chess.
    Pele: Birth of a Legend on football (on Pele)
    Race on athletics (on Jesse Owens)
    Big Shot on basketball (web series)

    National ones are-
    Chak De on hockey
    Bhaag Milkha Bhaag on athletics (on Milkha Singh)
    M.S. Dhoni on cricket (on Dhoni)
    Soorma on hockey (on Sandeep Singh)
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    I rarely watch any program on OTT. So I can't say anything about my favorite sports, movies, and web series. I will definitely watch the live telecast of cricket matches, especially T20 and ODIs. I will be watching movies that are recommended by my sons on TV channels.
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    I am not using the OTT services so I am not aware of the shows and programs going on there. So I am not in touch of the sports related streaming shows or serials which are currently popular in OTT. Of course, I am viewing YouTube for old movies and some old famous serials. I am also using YouTube for many education related matters.
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    I am more to OTT nowadays. I have my own liking, I love action or spy kind of webseries like "The Family Man" and "Spl OPS". Apart from that serious subjects, I like to watch. I am not fond of watching English webseries but yes I like to watch most of the action movies from Hollywood.

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    I was quite surprised at the responses. I did think that since some members had mentioned OTT subscriptions in earlier discussions, a few of them would have the inclination to watch sports-related films. Anyway, everyone does have their own preferences. Do watch some of them. Secretariat was especially superb, due to the breathtaking cinematography.

    Although I have seen Chak De in the theatre years ago, I still enjoyed watching it all over again on OTT - twice!

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    I am not much of a sports fan. I am more into fiction. But I do enjoy watching good content and I have watched a few sports-related movies on OTT platforms and television. One interesting movie is Goal! The Dream Begins (2005) is a football-related movie. In the movie. It shows the rising of a new star in football. In the film, Santiago Munez, an amateur football player, is given an improbable opportunity to play professional football. It was really interesting to watch. You should give it a try.
    The other honorable mentions are :
    Bollywood: Dangal, Mary Kom, and Sultan. Sultan, Dangal, and Chak De India are still my favorites.
    Malayalam Movies : Godha, Speed Track and Karinkunnam Sixes. If you want to try a new language Vandana, you can watch these. I am sure these won't disappoint you.
    Tamil: Kanaa, Sarpatta parambarai , Bigil

    There are also a few animation movies/series and Korean series that I would like to recommend.
    Animation Movies: Space JAM 1 (semi-animation), Cars, Turbo,
    Korean Series : Fight for my way, Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo, Hot Stove League

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    Two sports movies, apart from some of the above-mentioned ones, I found quite interesting. One of them is Gold, a period film based on the 1948 summer Olympics that traces the Indian hockey team's journey to stardom winning the first Olympic Gold for the country. Akshay Kumar is the main protagonist in the film who inspires the team to victory.

    The other one is a Hollywood movie, King Richard, based on the lives of the Serana sisters and their domineering father Richard Williams who was instrumental in shaping the sister's careers in tennis.

    Both the above films are available on Amazon Prime.

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    Kai Po Che! is one of the my favourite movies related to sports. It is not all about sports but does have great involvement of sports in it. Excellent movie.

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    Author mentioned movie list in the initial thread is not only can see in OTT platform. Many of these movies released in theaters also. There are some special viewers who love to watch such movies. As we know we have a huge number of sports lovers in our society. Most of them love to watch the life of their heroes in the big screen.

    Also, there are lot of complaints towards the content of OTT movies in India. Reason for such complaints is, no Censor board certification required to release a movie on OTT platform. Many of the movies can't watch with family and children. Governments are considering amending the law to bring some control over the content of films which releasing on OTT platform.

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    First of all I am not a person interested in any sports from childhood. But my brothers are much more interested in cricket and our house television is engaged well by them during the cricket season and our house persons also letting them to watch as per their interest.
    As for as OTT, I am not using OTT even for anything and so I am aware of the shows and programmes in OTT. However it is good to watch sports and films in OTT as we can provide a separate tv with OTT for them as they will not disturb others from watching serials and movies.

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    Thanks, Ann and Dhruv for your recommendations. I have seen Dangal, Mary Kom, Gold, and King Richard and agree these are also enjoyable films. I will certainly check out the others. Currently absorbed in live sports events, namely the T20 World Cup and the Kabbadi Pro League!

    Vimaldev - while censorship certification is essential, we do have an indication for a movie about its age-suitability and if it has violent or adult content. So such types of movies can be avoided when watching with children.

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