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    Children should be given proper guidance on extra curricular activites

    It is not uncommon to find children only showing maximum interest in their studies and totally neglecting their involvement in extra-curricular activities. There are many parents who are responsible for the sad state of affairs. In their anxiety to enable their children to score the highest marks in the core subjects, they often push their children to the extreme.

    Extra-curricular activities and involvement in sports and games are as important as the interest in academics. One hour of some game like football or hockey or cricket or some game like badminton is essential for every child. Let parents not deviate from this path.
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    When there were only government educational institutions, every school used to have a very good playground and teachers were available in almost all institutions, All the students used to participate in games and sports. But now private schools are more and they never have any thinking about sports and games. Even parents are also not worried about these extra circular activities, They want good marks and ranks only. This is creating a big problem and students are not able to understand the importance of extracurricular activities.
    As advised by the author the schools should encourage students to participate in extra circular activities. All the parents should also know the importance of these activities and see that their children will participate in some extracurricular activities. That will make students sharp and they will get good physical fitness also.A good suggestion from the author and everybody should encourage these activities.

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