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    It wasn't that bizarre a venture

    Last month I had come up with a suggestion for the forum that I considered as possibly bizarre. Having put forth the concept, I decided to try it out for myself as per response #765284 in that thread. After all, what's the use of a suggestion if one does not attempt it oneself?

    Accordingly, this month, I embarked on the venture, and this is my attempt-
    1. First week- 2nd to 8th October - 3 threads posted on 2nd October
    2. Second week - 9th to 15th October - 5 threads posted on 14th October
    3. Third week - 16th to 22nd October - 7 threads posted on 21st October
    4. Fourth week - 23rd to 29th October 10 threads posted on 28th October

    The fifth week would be the month ending in October and the start of November. I decided not to attempt the 15-in-a-day idea as it may come in the way of announcing contests, including the cricket-based MAPs.

    In the first week, it wasn't a problem coming up with spontaneous topics, and in fact, since I thought of five topics, I decided to forward the two additional ones to the following week. I then thought that to carry the momentum to the finish line, it would be best to jot down topics that popped up in my mind. So I created a doc in Google Drive and made a list of topics.

    As opposed to the spontaneity of a topic springing to mind, for the subsequent weeks, it did require some more effort. I had a look at the categories in the forum and around my home, thinking of what would be suitable for forum discussions. Mind you, the third and fourth weeks were a bit taxing since I had decided that even if I jotted down a topic in advance, I would not write out the text for the topic I had chosen as that seemed a bit unfair to do.

    So here I am, on the final day of the month, with the not-so-bizarre venture successfully completed. Felt a little pleased, I must say!

    And yes, I will come up with an interesting forum-based contest this month (could not organize it due to festivities and other things coming up last month). Just wait for it!
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    Yes we could see your name present in the forum and some good number of responses too. and waiting for the announcement of contest.
    shasthranaam Ganitham moordhanisthitham

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    Sometimes bizarre ideas give encouraging and satisfying results. But it requires some hard work to achieve that result. Contributing this many of forum posts in that specific style that also on unique topics is not everyone's cup of tea though surely some of us would try that.
    In my view to increase participation in any forum posting contest something like one or two posts a day would be attracting more number of members to contribute. Something like 15 posts continuously in 15 days similar to which we had a contest earlier also.
    Another thing is there are a few members who are capable of posting a good number of posts in a day but in that case the whole page will be filled only with their contributions and the members who are responding will find it a bit monotonous and they will have to go to next pages to search for other member's posts. Of course that is not a big issue but a subtle point that came in my mind so I thought to share it here.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Your presence is felt almost in all the sections. I wonder how you could devote so much time to the different sections with your impressive write ups. I am waiting for the announcement as wished by you in relation to the forum posting contests.
    It is really a difficult task that a new idea will emerge in our mind which could ultimately generate forum discussions. It really needs a calm environment encouraging you to go in the direction of creative thinking so that you could pen down interesting topics in the forum postings.
    I wish you all the best in your venture.

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    Your threads on different subjects are really shining in the forum section. As the Managing Editor of the site, you are putting in all the effort to see that Indiastudychannel will always shine and occupy the top slot among similar sites. I hope this site will go to new heights under your able guidance. Hope all other editors will take part in the same way and help you.
    Some of the members are also regular and try to come out with new ideas. As far as I am concerned, I have posted about 18 threads during the month of October and I will try to keep the same level in the month of November also. I am very happy to note that you are planning to conduct a forum-based contest this month and that will be very encouraging. Some members are participating only in contests. I hope they will also try to spend some time on this forum section.

    always confident

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    It would be nice if some the you who are regular forum participants try out this venture.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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