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    Thread of the Week competition......Convenience.

    In the fast-paced world of today, some working men and women do not have time to cook food at home in a traditional manner. Some of them buy convenience food which is already prepared to the maximum extent and only needs heating in hot water. Although those types of food are not good for health, busy and lazy folks consume these for reasons only known to them.

    2. Convenience Homes: These homes are fully furnished. People can walk in and occupy these houses only with their clothes and other basic things. Nowadays these types of homes are very popular in Metro cities.
    There are also other things such as convenience travel, convenience stores, etc. which make people's life easy and make them also lazy.

    Convenient: It is an adjective. It means easy or doing something without much difficulty. Let us put it in a sentence. When we want some information from somebody and are not in hurry to get it we can say. Please send it at a convenient time or as per your convenience.
    Another example is: My new house is very convenient and peaceful.
    Conveniently.....It is an adverb. Example: We should sit conveniently while doing meditation.
    The opposite of Convenience is an inconvenience.
    Example: We regret the inconvenience caused to you.
    Now let me explain what 'Convenience'exactly is in the digital world of today:
    The advancement in technology has made us reach out for convenience in everything we do. For example, when we want to travel we surf the internet and find out the convenient time to travel. Then we book beforehand for a convenient berth or seat when we book for a bus, train, or flight.
    Even we can book a convenient seat for watching movies. Gone or the days when the older generation used to sleep on beds made of soft cotton. However, nowadays different types of convenient beds and pillows are available. Some people have even wasted their money on buying those beds, discarded them, and returned to the cotton beds.
    Nowadays, convenient weddings are also happening. During those weddings, the guests can watch the weddings of their relatives and friends and bless the couple conveniently from their homes rather than attending the wedding in person.
    In addition, while giving birth to babies, some mothers use their convenient time and date to deliver. Ultimately, everything is happening according to people's convenience right from making food, traveling, attending weddings, etc. I feel because of this latest trend people in this modern world are becoming lazy. Obesity and heart disease has become the major cause of trying to be convenient in many ways. People should work hard and face some difficulties. If everything is comfortable and easy life will not be interesting at all.
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    The author has explained convenience very convincingly in this thread. Technology has given them a chance to human beings to get their work done very conveniently from their home itself without any necessity to step out. We can watch movies from our homes without going out. We can attend weddings without going out. We can work from home. We can study from home. All these things are very convenient and make people lazy. But a lot of time is being ve. saved in travelling which is not productive. As mentioned by the author deliveries are also planned conveniently by the mothers.
    In this connection, I like to add something. Recently I read somewhere that a girl from one country married a boy from another country, without personally going there. They got married online. Further, we may see many more marriages of this nature.

    always confident

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    The author has well explained the meaning of convenience in detail and in an elaborate way.
    Convenience is such a thing that everyone gets lured to it. Some attain it through efforts while some buy it with their money. It is not necessary that a person will become lazy after acquiring conveniences. In fact one may be saving time on some ordinary activities after having those conveniences and then focus and concentrate for some other activities which are more important and more rewarding in one's life.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am amused by the title of the thread. I am not sure whether it is a deliberate choice to crate some extra effect or due to some other reasons. Anyway as a one time exception, it has an effect. However if time permits author may think of editing and giving a different title.

    The thread is full of matter related to the key word. In fact it is worth an article by itself.
    The author may explore the help topics, various competition threads etc. and refine her writing ability to be more precise, focused and effective.
    I appreciate the author's knowledge about the key word on usage and context.

    (The author may give a link to the contest announcing thread as footnote in the thread)

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