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    Where has the sparkle gone?

    Try to recollect those days when you were a kid or just watch the activities of a child nearby. How the child acts in a certain situation, how the child laughs at anything and how inquisitive she/he is always. You give the child a new device and she/he will try to figure out how it can be used in the best possible way. This is just an example and you may find each of their activity quite interesting.

    Now, look at the people around you running here and there throughout the day. Many of them look gloomy and anxious as if somebody is waiting to punish them for their deeds. They have no time for others and not even for themselves. Their faces have no sparkle. Well, many of you will say that's how life works. When you grow up and experience life through various interactions it makes you worried. You become puzzled and lose the sparkle.

    Come on! Don't be so tensed. Think of it the other way. You can lead a good life when you find interest in things. If you do not find any interest then it will be dull and gloomy. So bring back the sparkle of the child in you.
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    That sparkle goes once you start thinking, I feel. As a kid we are not bothered about anything. We take everything as it comes. Once you grow up, you start asking questions like why, how, where etc. It can't be helped. It is a natural process. You lose your innocence as you grow up and that is why you lose that sparkle. Am I right?
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    Childhood days are very beautiful for anyone, and it is also certain that the realization of this is often only after the passing of childhood. If you ask a child, maybe he will say that he wants to grow up soon and wants to live his life as per his wish, but the importance of childhood is one day for every elder. In childhood perhaps we live more openly, with no pretense, no worries, only small happiness with small demands become very memorable moments. It is a different matter that nowadays, like various aspects of the world, there have been many changes in childhood, one of the reasons for this is that adults have more expectations than children. We should not be involved in taking away their childhood, some things they also learn from experience, it is better that we let them enjoy their childhood based on their thinking and not only observe them but also learn from them.

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    When we recall our childhood days. we were in the habit of not thinking of the consequences of our loud singing, talking in high tones and indulgence in many more activities which lacked social manners. However, we were happy with our own activities and this sort of pleasure intensified if done within the group of our friends. With the fulfilment of our little demands, our joys multiplied. This indicated how innocent we were but that innocence reflected our sparkling history. Such a stage slowly disappeared with the intervention of our parents, teachers and well-wishers since their advice to behave properly with decency. They advised us to restrain our emotions with the observation of social norms and acceptable behaviour of the societies. Soon, there was the transition of our innocent moods to serious ones and the natural sparkle disappeared.

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    A good suggestion from the author. In any person's life, the best phase is childhood. No responsibilities. So no anxiety and always try to enjoy life. But as we grow up, some responsibilities will come. Once a responsibility comes you will start thinking about the same. That makes a lot of difference.
    Some people will be more anxious to complete the work and they never enjoy their work. But some people will never take the work to their heart. They enjoy working. One should not get tensed and plan the work properly.
    This life will be a combination of ups and downs. Sometimes we may fail or some times we may slowdown. But we should not get worried tomuch. We have to plan a way out for all the set backs. When we get more and more wise. we may become more stable and we may not worry much about the outcome and we enjoy working. In such we may not lose our sparkle.

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    Childhood is an age of curiosity. A child wants to know everything around him. He learns through his observations, he learns through questioning others, and he learns through all the senses he possesses at that tender age. His curiosity remains as it is even after getting answers to his questions. Then new questions pop up in his mind.
    When a child grows his curiosity starts declining as he starts undertaking a variety of tasks and starts focussing and concentrating in them. So, a gradual change in this respect takes place in the child. The sparkling mind of childhood changes into a decision making and mature person. So it is not losing the sparkle but a transformation to an experience adult.

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    I remembered a related thread submitted by Sankalan as an entry for a contest, when the fear of the pandemic was still lingering- Why the sparkle is missing?

    Coming to this thread, it is easy to say that one should take an interest in something to enjoy life and be less tense, but in reality, there are so many factors that do cause tension, such as financial issues, work pressure at the office, family quarrels, health issues, etc.

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    "Many of them look gloomy and anxious as if somebody is waiting to punish them for their deeds. They have no time for others and not even for themselves. Their faces have no sparkle."

    I don't know on what context the author has said these above sentences but for me it look as if the author is mocking the people's hard life. Life is never easy for anyone once we have family, we have different kind of stress and tensions, even if we do not want to stress, the situation never allow us. It is very easy to say all these big words but in practical life we know how hard it is. However, people are still go out, spent time with friends, spent time in social media, spent time in ISC and exchange there views. Yes, it may not show our glowing face, but this is how we do to minimize our stress and tension. These activity, I will count as a sparkling in life.

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    I do agree it is much easier to say than leading a tension-free life but is it absolutely impossible? Can't we reduce the tensions and stresses of life?

    There is no intention in this post to mock anyone/a group and it all depends on how one takes it. That's what makes difference in our thought processes. One thinks the glass is half empty, the other one thinks the glass is half full and the one who is thirsty will empty the glass by drinking the water. It is the thought process that decides how we take life and that's why each one manages it differently. To some it is interesting and to some it is dull. The intention of this post is to look at the interesting things to reduce dullness.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I feel that children of today are not as carefree and enjoy life as those of the children of earlier days because they are also tensed as their parents make them do plenty of activities other than studies. You can feel it when you observe a tiny tot of around four years waiting with the parent for the school bus to arrive as early as 7.30 am. The face of the child would not be very happy and bright at all because right from waking up, having a shower, and having a hurried breakfast, the poor kid would have undergone plenty of stress. After returning from school, they are sent for some classes which teach them dancing, painting, or music.
    Teenagers, adults and old people undergo extreme stress due to various reasons. For family men, it could be due to financial burden and for old people, it could be due to health-related matters. For students, it is about passing the examinations and meeting the high expectation of the parents to get good marks.
    We all know that life is unpredictable and nothing happens as per our plans. To live in the present, forgetting the past, and not bothering about the future will surely help us to glitter in life. Nevertheless, the harsh realities of life will diminish the sparkle and push us back to the darkness however hard one might try to be cheerful and bring a twinkle to our eyes.
    Finally, after having said all the above, there are some people who are still happy and cheerful and do not worry about anything. They not only keep themselves happy but also make others happy by displaying vivacity. However, we come across those people very rarely in our life.

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    Can't we reduce the tensions and stresses of life?

    That is why I have mentioned that people still meet with friends, come to social media, spent time with friends and family. If it is not to reduce tension then what?? Every one have different life and you simply can't judge other people without goping deep into their life as how they live!

    True, it depend how people takes it but that does not allow you to say whatever you want according to your convinience, right? If the member here does not respond you the way I did, does not mean everyone is agree with your point. To reduse the dullness, I am sure everyone have their own method and people do that. No one wants to be in the stress and tension 24/7!

    By the way let us know how you live your life? Are you single or married, do you have kids? If you are not into married life and do not have duty on your kids, you should better not talk lightly about life and mock others.

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    Jeets @#766600, when you have already mentioned something there is no point in mentioning the same thing again in another response within the same post. Isn't it? If members didn't respond in the same fashion as you that neither indicates they are in agreement with your views. Everyone will have their own views and I respect their views.

    Do not try to deviate from the topic. Nowhere in the thread, I wanted to know how members are leading their lives or whether they are married or not. Please refrain from quoting a line/reply from the post and drag it according to your suitability. This neither adds value nor encourages a healthy discussion.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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