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    Today's convenience may become inconvenient tomorrow

    Convenience or inconvenience. These are relative words. What is convenient today may be inconvenient tomorrow for us. What is convenient for me, maybe an inconvenience for others.

    Our MD was using a Maruti 800 car when he started the company. After a few years, he stopped using that car and purchased a Benz car. While travelling with him in his Benz car, he used to tell us how inconvenient it is to travel in a Maruti 800 car.

    During my high school days, there was no power connection to our house. So, we were using kerosene lights for reading. There were no fans and we were using hand fans. Those days we were feeling very convenient with hand fans only. After we got an electrical connection and fans, using a hand fan has become very inconvenient. After a few years, we have an AC in our house and we felt very inconvenient to sleep under a fan, we are happy in the AC room only. During my education days, I used to go by foot to college. I used to feel jealous of people who were coming on a bicycle. I used to feel that going by bicycle is very convenient. After I started using a bicycle, I used to think it was very inconvenient and a motorcycle is very convenient.

    A poor man may feel very convenient to sleep on the roadside after having a piece of bread as his dinner. But a rich man may feel very inconvenient to sleep in a room with a fan even on a smooth bed after having a good dinner.

    As we grow up and as we become more financially sound our requirements to feel convenient will change. Convenience or inconvenience is a feeling and it will change based on our mindset. A satisfied person will feel convenient with whatever he/she is having and he/she will lead a happy life with whatever facilities he/she has.

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    What is convenient for a person at a particular point of time is not necessarily convenient for him all the time. Our perception about a thing convenient or inconvenient depends upon our needs and aspirations at that point of time. During the journey of life situations and status of persons change and accordingly the convenience factor changes and a person starts needing some new facilities and more convenient items in his life. So when there is a need there is a yearning for conveniences.
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    Many times a person gets so engrossed in the fascination of facilities that keeping the mistake aware and careful is also an important aspect. In the accident described by the author, there is an indication of negligence on both sides. As much as it is necessary for the driver to drive the vehicle following all the rules, as much attention should be given to the people sleeping on the road. Along with this, it is also the duty of the government to make arrangements for the people so that this situation does not come. If seen, convenience is an important factor, but it is also necessary to have understanding and restraint, only then life is settled.

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    As the demand and greed of humans for more and more comfort and convenience grows, those that seem convenient now do not appear so later.

    This is because of the basic human nature of yearning for more pleasure always. However to certain extent this greed or yearning for more pleasure and comfort pushes humans for more and more innovations and thus lead to material development.

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    Yes and we can say that we choose more convenient ways as we progress. The version of the Android/iOS you are using today will be outdated after some time and the new versions will have more features added to them. That's how lives go ahead. We tend to make our lives more comfortable regularly and go for things that will help us to lead a comfortable life. At the same time, we should make choices wisely so that in the pursuit of more comfort we do not become lazy, physically and mentally.

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