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    Giving a meaning to our rather routine lives

    Whenever we do something, it should be unique and it should stand out. We might do anything. For example, reorganizing our files at home. Each of these files might contain vital documents. Today, we have good plastic folders in which we can store our precious things and also index them.

    But more often than not, we forget to index the files. Every minute, we search for something or the other. On the other hand, we do have any number of instances we do something, but do not stand out. Be it a career choice, an investment, or whatever. We just do it. We do not aim to do something very meaningful, by doing it differently, by giving meaning to it.

    This is the cause of most of our troubles in the first place. Missed opportunities, missed good friends, and whatever it takes to go ahead in life. To make our lives more meaningful. We can take some steps to give meaning to our rather routine lives, by doing something different. Or doing things differently.

    If we start reviewing whatever we do on a regular basis, this is indeed possible.
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    A good suggestion from the author. I file all the documents as per the topic and I label all the files. That will make my life easy. I can pick the file I wanted. Thanks to my better half who undertakes the activity of labelling the files.
    Another thing my wife does is number the documents. So if any document from the file is missing also know. Always a document having number one will be at the bottom. If we take out any document after completing the work we have to place it again in the same position. So I will not face much problem in tracing the documents I require from time to time.
    As mentioned by the author, we may be doing many things but we may not be doing them in the best way possible. In this process, we may miss out on some opportunities. So we have to think and do things in a different way so that we will stand out and make our presence felt by everyone. But it is not possible for all because of their multiple activities and other commitments. But if we can do at least some things in a special way we will differently earn a name for ourselves.

    always confident

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