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    Convenience is the mother of both: good and evil

    Who doesn't like convenience in life? It's not only about the materialistic side; even some people weigh relationships in terms of personal ease. In due process: comfort, satisfaction, disrespect and health hazard play a vital role. Many people, for a trouble-free life, do not hesitate to utilise their loved ones during their needs. Later, when their requirement gets over, they treat them disrespectfully.

    Inventions and discoveries are a continuous process. Let's take the example of an air conditioner, microwave oven, refrigerator and many more. Keeping them in mind, the conveniences received from the mentioned appliances come with severe health issues. Still, infinite people have become slaves of such inventions. Some people desire to go to a gym rather than go for a brisk walk and do some freehand exercises. Not just this, many males and females believe in gossiping, sleeping, watching movies and binging but avoid doing their household chores. They prefer to hire full-time domestic help, which is more convenient than doing it themselves. In return, they become prone to diseases. Having a helper need not make a physically fit person idle, but if it happens so, then the convenience completely ruins the physical condition of a normal human being. The computer is another example that has made gaining knowledge hassle-free, but such a dependency has badly impacted libraries and made people lazy too.

    Presently, in most families, there are working couples. It becomes convenient for them to request the parents, either the wife or husband, to stay with them to look after their child. The grandparents' presence makes the couple's life easy, and it helps to develop a bond between the grandchild and grandparents. Unfortunately, some such arrangements had a selfish motive. The day child grows up and wants to enjoy privacy, soon after, parents start feeling that their child can manage all alone. Thus, their parents seem to become burdens. Nowadays, such a situation is rampant. Such conditions and sick mentality have given birth to numerous homes for aged people. Even in many families, a non-working unmarried lady receives awful treatment despite her selfless service to the family members in the absence of her parents.

    Thus, convenience has impacted human lives both in positive and negative ways. It is up to human beings to analyse the pros and cons of it and uphold the positives. The author Bodie Thoene rightly said: "What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient."

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    Well said, conveniences have both the good side as well as the flip side. Modern appliances are making our lives easier, convenient, but at the same time we are becoming slave to them. Anyone who has experienced the utility of appliances like washing machine, dishwasher, mixer grinder and so on cannot go back and live a life without them. However, we need to bring some kind of balance and need not be too dependent on them, like for example these days it's become kind of fashion to employ the services of maid servants. Agreed, in some families, especially with aged parents or infants and where husband and wife both are working, it's kind of essential to have maids do all or part of the household work, but many others can do without them. For example, we manage all our household work by ourselves. Though it is tough work but it gives us freedom to do all our activities at our own time and own pace.
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    Every coin will have two sides. Sitting in the house and ordering everything online is very convenient. We can save a lot of time and we can use that time for some other useful work. But this will make us lazy and we may gain weight also as there will not be any physical movement.
    Sleeping in an AC room is very convenient. But we have to pay a higher amount towards the power bill and at the same time, we are spoiling the environment also.
    When both wife and husband are employees. to take care of their children some may be opting for paid nurses who will come and sit in the house. But these nurses may not take care of the kids properly. So there may be chances for the kids to get into bad habits and parents should stop worrying about this.
    So, one should see what are the after-effects in availing a convenience and take a balanced decision and see that there will not be problems afterwards.

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    We do a lot of convenience inside our homes with the instructions of washing machines, fridges and other kitchen products providing convenience. The unfortunate part is that we have been extremely independent to these items and we cannot think of a life without these. In case, we miss services of the maid supposed to come regularly, we feel some sort of inconvenience due to her absence. It is not the fault of ours but we have changed our life - styles in that way. We need to maintain some balance while availing the different products. Over independence of the convenient products causes more discomforts later.

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    Conveniences are welcome by the people. It is inherent human nature to feel like that. We spend money to get those conveniences. Depending upon our financial conditions we go for more and more conveniences.
    Unfortunately all that looks rosy and glittering but we forget the negative effects of the conveniences in our lives. Every convenience has a negative side also. Some of them are polluting the environment making the surroundings hazardous for human dwelling. Likewise other conveniences are also having their negative aspects hidden in their benefits.

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