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    Laugh and there are many who follow suit. Cry and a very few people cry with you.

    When we are happy many people join us. This means when you do not face any problems in life, people come to you because they know very well that you might not trouble them for help. However, the same people get a hint that you have some problems, they back up and do not enquire even about your well-being. Very few numbers of people help others when they come to know that someone in trouble needs their help.
    I know a rich person who used to lead a very happy life. Unfortunately, he had to face many problems one by one and was in real trouble. People who were very close to them even stopped visiting his house lest they would have to help them. Ultimately, the family moved out to a remote village to manage the household. Nowadays, the number of selfish men and women has been increasing significantly.
    The moral of such incidents make me feel that humanity has taken a back seat when it comes to helping others either by way of money or in any other way. What are your views? Please let us discuss this.
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    There are people to offer their help always either wantonly or on getting request. Helping others in the needy hours well valued. Some do not interested in seeking help from others. My wife used to help whenever we go to any relatives' houses. One of our relative refused our help by saying, 'today you are helping but after you, I have to do all such work by myself'. So, no people will share our sorrows or cry by thinking whether the cry of such people would become a burden to them. We can see many people do not stay in the death houses after certain time. In 2004, my mother died, we saw no single outsiders in the house when we return home after the yard formalities. Even our aunts, who are living at a small distance from our house, went before our return. Our maternal uncle, who accompanied with us to the yard, by seeing that his wife herself went to the house, immediately went to his house, scolded seriously and asked her to stay with us in our house, he also stayed with us.

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    That is true. A person requires help from others when he/she is in trouble. But many people may not look at her/ him during such times. This is the way of life. When you are very happy people will start coming to you because you may help them and you may not ask them to help. When there is water in the well many frogs will come but when there is no water no frog will come there. The same is the case here also.
    I know a person who is very kind and rich. He used to help many people and always people used to come to him and spend time with him. But in his old age, he lost his money and nobody helped him. Even the people whom he helped also never served him. That is why we should see that we will not depend on anybody for our needs. When we have earning capacity we should earn and save the same for our future needs.
    Actually, we should help others when they are in difficulties and we should see that he will come out of the problem. But many people will never follow this.

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    People want to enjoy. Everyone is in search of some entertainment. No one wants to weep. Most of the people feel that life is for enjoying. In such a scenario who will weep with other's grief.
    Still, there are kind hearted and good people who share the others sorrows and help them for coming out of that situation. Because of these people, albeit in a smaller number, the world is a beautiful place.
    Real friendship or relationship can be considered as valuable when the people sharing it also share their joys and grief from time to time. It is obvious that such considerations have to be from the both sides on mutual basis.

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    The situations have changed of the yesteryears and I am saying this in context of helping others in distress. We have been taught by our elders that we should do utmost help to others. Of course, that is my inbuilt temperament to see that my friends and relatives should get the maximum possible help in the hours of their distress. But facing the same situation to many of friends did not get any help despite the fact they were helpful in nature. The old saying is that we would get the same return which we have offered to the ailing people in the past but such a formula does not fit currently.

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