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    Nostalgia about blackboards in classrooms

    For the previous generation people, they can't imagine a school/college classroom without a blackboard. The smell of the chalk and the use of duster to clear the blackboard all mesmerizing me to my earlier school days. It is of course a "Nostalgia", and I am sure that most of the older generation have many memories/experiences about the blackboard.

    Now a days, blackboard is replacing digital boards in the modern digital world. Blackboard Certified Practitioner in Digital Teaching and Learning is a course which teaches the use of digital blackboard and there are many such courses.

    Even though digital blackboard resembles the look of a school blackboard, it cannot replace the old blackboard. Expecting the memories from other members about the old blackboard in your school days.
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    Old things used during our school days or childhood are always nostalgic and blackboard is no exception. The images of my teachers explaining things on the blackboards is still deeply embedded in my mind and I often see that when my eyes are closed and I am traveling through my past.
    Everyday the monitor of our class used to write the date on the side of the blackboard and cleaned it for the incoming teacher. After a week it required cleaning with a moist cloth to remove the white layer if colour that accumulated in it due to repeated use of chalk and duster. All those memories are preserved in my mind as if those things happened yesterday only.

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    How can we forget a blackboard that is used by our teachers during our studies?
    When the teacher starts writing on the backboard our attention will go on to the board. We will be hearing what the teacher is talking about and see what he is writing on the board. The class leader used to write the date on the board every day in the morning on the blackboard. The teachers will not rub that da
    When I was in ninth class, my mathematics teacher asked me to solve a problem on the blackboard and gave me a piece of chalk. That is the first time I got a chance to write on a board and I am very happy. I could solve the problem mentioned by the teacher on the board. The teacher appreciated me and that incident is still in my mind. Some naughty students used to write odd things on the blackboard when there was no teacher in the class and our class leader used to quarrel with them. But he never told about such students to the teacher.

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    An advocate can be identified with his black coat, a doctor can be identified with his white coat. A student can be recognized his school with his uniform. Similarly though the science or modern developments are present, the black board is a mark for School education. Even in colleges the black board was existing. A teacher writing on black board is never forgotten by any student. In those days the black board become an indicator to a student in identifying his or her vision. During my second year degree only I was informed that I was under some eye sight problem as I could not see the black board well even though I sat in the first row. Immediately my father took me for eye chek up and I wear spectacles since then. Black board should be in vogue back.

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    Yes, glad to see the memories about blackboards. Rural school in many parts of India is still using blackboards. The technology did changes in every aspect of our life. So, it changed blackboards to digital boards. Now no need to write on the board with chalk. Just a click and you will get what you want on the digital screen.
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    After reading this thread, I have decided to walk down memory lane and recollect my school days. The teachers used to use the blackboard to explain lessons to the students with a chalk piece. Our teachers used to ask the monitor of our class to keep some chalk pieces in advance on the table along with the duster. We would note down some important points which would help us to do our homework later. Further, sometimes some teachers would call a student to write some important points on the board while discussing a topic. How happy the student who writes on the blackboard would feel and how envious other students would be of such a student! However, the digital board or the whiteboard never interests me although I teach now. But, for the students of the digital age, whiteboard or digital board is always preferred.

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    We do remember our school days sometimes when we go to the old memories seeing our favourite teachers, colleagues and of course the black board. The entire picture cannot be complete unless there is a black board to write with. Our teachers took so much pain to clear the subjects that they had to write down the main points related to the subjects and later they explained the each point so as to have the clarity of the discussed topics.
    Those days the teachers were serious to know to what extent extent were able to make out the topics and to assess the same, the teachers could point out any pupil to approach the blackboard to explain some of the points already discussed. Hence seriousness prevailed inside the class room to learn the topic religiously.

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