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    Importance of practical knowledge

    As a teacher, I observed pupils are not taking interest in bookish knowledge. So I decide to take them beyond it. For that, I used some teaching approaches like the role-play method, and multilingual ways, making them connect to the topic through real-life experiences and vocal recitation of something which is informative.

    The benefits I got following such methods is that it increased their participation in class and now I am able to reach the weakest students also.
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    The author has made some very good points about her new method of teaching. I do agree that some changes should be made so that the students do not get bored with the old system of learning. For example, rote learning is now not that much common in some schools.

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    That is very nice. When my teacher was teaching organic chemistry he used to bring some models and show us and we were able to understand such lessons very nicely. Another teacher used to explain the subject with very good and well-known examples. Such examples are remembered by me even today after 40 years.
    Practical knowledge will make us understand the subject well. We will have an interest when we are doing something with our own hands. Simply explaining the subject may not make all the students comfortable. So students who are intelligent may be able to understand but the backbenchers may not be able to understand the subject properly.
    A teacher should be able to make the weak students also in the class understand his/ her teachings. For that, the tools suggested by the author are very useful. I have seen many such teachers during my education and I will be thankful to all of them for the training they have imparted.

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    Any knowledge without practical is incomplete knowledge. One may acquire the theoretical knowledge but if the practical things associated with that knowledge is not learnt then the learning is not complete. A good teacher knows these things and tries to teach the students in a composite way covering theory and practical simultaneously. Unfortunately in our educational system very few teachers are equipped with that type of mindset. The result is that many students have got proficiency only in the theoretical part. This thing has been realised by the education planners and teachers today and there are effort to make the teaching a complete package. Let us hope that with the inception of new education policy in our country these things would be dealt in a better way. Whether it is science or arts, practicals are required everywhere.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Trying different methods to involve more attention from students is always a welcoming gesture from a teacher's part. When I studied, some of my teachers used different methods for this.

    One teacher used a strange method that he will ask to students the last word he said in the class. If a student couldn't answer, meaning is he wan not active in the class and he will get the punishment.

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