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    My respects to Nehruji on his birth anniversary.

    Today is the 133rd. birth anniversary of Nehruji, the first Prime Minister of India. 14 November is also celebrated as Children's Day as he was fond of children. Nehruji is fondly referred to as the architect of modern India. His wisdom and foresight saw our country attain many prestigious social and infrastructural developments. Let it be irrigation, education, science, and technology, we find his mark in every field. Under his guidance, the democratic values of our country were enhanced.

    Let us remember this great visionary on his 133rd.birth anniversary and pay respects to him.
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    I wish a happy children's day to all the members of ISC. My respects to Nehruji, the first prime minister of India on his 133rd birthday. His birthday is being celebrated as children's day.
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    Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was a great politician and also a great visionary who shaped the future of India just after the independence. Being the first prime minister of India he had many responsibilities and people expected from him a lot of things. He created a lot of employment opportunity for the people by creating a large number of public sector units which were also very helpful in developing the country at that point of time. He was instrumental for many important things that were needed for the progress of India just after the independence.
    I pay my respect to that great personality on this eve.

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    When I was studying in third standard in 1963, our teacher took all of us to the Sri Meenakshi Amman Temple side, as that time Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru visited Sri Meenakshi Amman Temple and came out by that side. We all waved our hands by holding national flag on the other hand. I just remember this every year Nehru ji's birthday.

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    Today in the era of a lot of information and misinformation when social media can make and break anyone in a day. Way Nehru's image is being tarnished and misrepresented and he is being blamed for so many things. We should remember his responsibilities, his big works and his achievements in not letting the largest democracy in the world from breaking when the whole western world waited for such a diverse nation's survival and had no believe in India's democracy Nehru with his ideas and work kept proving them wrong.
    In retrospect, it is easy to judge past deeds, and wrongdoing and blame anyone but we shouldn't negate anyone's achievement and we all have a responsibility to read and gain knowledge for ourselves rather than believe everything we see on social media. Today I too remember 1st prime minister of India for his contribution and placing the stepping stone for the miles of journey India has travelled from that point.
    Also Happy Children's day to all the members of ISC family, everyone should keep the child in them alive no matter what they age they are.

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    Yes, it is true that these days social media has been greatly instrumental in tarnishing the image of our first Prime Minister. Just like every other person, Nehru Ji too might have had some shortcomings but then his achievements were also many. Just to score some political points, it is not correct for the present generation to demean him and his role as the leader of the nation during the country's independence and beyond. He was no ordinary politician or freedom fighter but was also a good statesman and an author. His book The Discovery of India depicts India's history from ancient times till British Raj, whereas another book of his, Glimpses of World History has won international acclaim.
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    While remembering our first prime minister of India, I can say that he was a great visionary and he wanted to transform India into the industrial sectors not only producing different outputs but such materials could be exported to earn money. During his regime, many industrial houses were such as steel, aluminium, copper, power industries were set up. This provided recruitment to many and the country marched towards property under his able leadership. He was an able leader to establish cordial ties with different countries and because of nurture of such friendly relations, we could achieve better relations with the USA, Russia, German etc which ultimately helped us in establishing the different industrial sectors.
    His book Discovery of India could highlight the transformation from old India to British Raj and the entire description of the text is lucid.

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