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    So many interactions in one go!

    The hawker was selling fruits, as usual. They purchased fruits and started eating. After some time, another hawker boarded with some snacks. This time also, they purchased some snacks from him and consumed them. Before making the purchase they made their choice by asking the vendor to show some more varieties. Now was the turn of one who was selling various articles ranging from ropes, ball pens, plastic covers, key rings and a lot more. They interacted with him and purchased one item. I am not describing anything more but these continued for the entire journey of almost 110 Kms. I was travelling on a local train and all of you are aware of the hawkers with their wares boarding the trains from different locations. Many of us do purchase some snacks/foods according to our choice and when you are in a group it's really nice to have fun together with those occasional snack breaks during the journeys. The specialty of this small family I described here was their interaction with every vendor and purchasing of almost every food item from them during their entire journey. I have never come across such a situation where one particular group/family interacted with almost every hawker during the journey.

    You may ask why I was so curious about it. It's because they were sitting just opposite me sharing the same window. You may also describe any interesting incidents related to interaction with hawkers during your train journeys.
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    Last time I was travelling to Bangalore on a train from Hyderabad. It was a day journey. My elder son, his children and his wife were also with me. We were sitting in the 2nd AC compartment. Many hawkers are selling different food items. My granddaughters want to have everything that was coming for sale. Their mother was very worried because eating so many items in a row is not good. So we tried our best to avoid the purchase of many items. The younger granddaughter was very furious. She started weeping and we had to manage her with a lot of difficulties. Meanwhile, a hawker came with some playing toys. She wanted balloons and some other items. Immediately we purchased those items and managed. After that, she stopped weeping and started playing. After some time she slept off. From then onwards my elder daughter-in-law started saying that it is not good to travel on a train with kids. Especially day journeys should be avoided.
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    Whenever we go in a train journey we find a good number of hawkers offering us a variety of items. The items are reasonably priced and many passengers buy them. Trains are a great place for this type of employment for so many people who don't have otherwise any other jobs. They travel from one place to another and then come back to their home in the returning trains doing their business as usual. I think passengers who can afford should prefer buying from these hawkers instead of buying him outside giving them an opportunity to earn money through that hard way.
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