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    Have you seen a humbler politician than this?

    Every political party has volunteers. A vast majority of them want to become at least a councilor. This position serves as a vital link between the politician and the common man. Very rarely, we would come across someone who is not only so honest, but also so humble.

    Recently, I happened to be reminded of one such councilor, of a particular area called K.K. Nagar, on the outskirts of Tiruchirapalli, the fourth largest city of Tamil Nadu. My father lived in his own house at that point in time. We would often meet our Mr.K, as he was famously called. I remember his name as Mr. Krishnasamy. He was a gem.

    He would visit any house in the locality, even at midnight, if there was some calamity or if someone was sick. He would organize many blood donation camps with his own funds. He was never corrupt and would refuse to even accept fruits from anyone. He would bring his own water and would never ever have even a cup of tea in anyone's house.

    He would constantly check all the local water connections and if there was any problem, he would coordinate to get things done, even if it meant spending the whole day on the spot. He was so popular that many common people openly praised him and also wrote about him to the then CM of Tamil Nadu, Dr. M. Karunanidhi.

    I have never been to that place for decades. Hence, I really do not know what his present position is. But wherever he is, or whatever he is doing, he will always be remembered for being humble and so honest.

    Hats off to people like him. If you have come across someone like him, please do mention the details here.
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    In our village, there was a Surpunch. I don't want to mention his name. He was from a middle-class family and was a Registered Medical Practitioner. He was down to earth and very submissive. He used to suggest the other ward members take care of the people in their wards if there were any problems in any house he used to visit and express his sympathy and used to help and see that they would come out of the problem. He never used to take any bribe from any person. He never misused the money of the village and did a great service. The village got the best village award for all 5 years during his tenure and he got the best Surpunch award from the state government for two years. He was physically handicapped. Whenever I go to my village he used to come and spend some time with me in our house. I used to carry some sweets to him. He used to tell me not to bring any sweets for him. Unfortunately during the 2nd wave of Corona, he expired.
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    Nowadays this type of humble and honest people are very few. No doubt it is a great quality and whoever comes in their contact he will never forget them. I have interacted with many people having public positions or political status but the percentage of humble and honest people is very low. One of them I remember was the leader if a small party but he was so down to the Earth that he helped wholeheartedly to everyone who approached him. I had some problem in getting a certificate from the collector office and when I told him that problem he accompanied me and within no time I got my certificate. I was amazed to see his connections in such offices. He told me that we have not to give any money as bribe to those officials and if they do not agree he would complain about them to higher ups. He told me that I could approach him anytime I had any problem anywhere.
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    In these days, it would be hard to find some gems having their attitudes to help in their distress ing conditions but I do remember a great human dedicated to the lives for uplifting the poor kids so much so that one of our senior colleagues senior to me by two classes got abundant assistance from our headmaster. Due to his extreme poverty the headmaster obliged the student to keep him in his residence providing entire amenities to sustain his studies. The boy got the motherly affection of wife of the headmaster. By caste, the boy was from a scheduled class family but the headmaster was from the upper caste but the affection for the boy for his brilliance did dilute for the entire family. The boy passed his matriculation with high first division in 1964. Later the boy continued his studies with the assistance of this great personality. The boy finally passed his engineering with mechanical stream and was placed in BHEL as a graduate engineer trainee and this could not have been achieved without the support of that noble person.

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