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    Spending Sunday by doing charity work

    After a hectic, tedious and tiresome week, I am sure most people would be of the opinion to rest on their weekend which is Sunday. This becomes more prominent when you have only one week off. Well, this is not wrong in any way. But, in my view, there are other ways to spend Sunday which will be for the betterment of society at large. One can spend their Sunday doing charitable work which can include donating food and old clothes to orphanages, old age homes, and for the poor, and setting up medical camps for the needy. Most children belonging to poor families are deprived of primary education, so you can conduct classes for them on Sundays. You can also help in cleaning the surroundings of your neighborhood and planting trees in and around your house or locality. You can also take your children with you while doing social work so that they can also learn to help the needy and to clean the surroundings from the very beginning. Believe me, by doing charity work on Sunday, you can make the day more meaningful not only for you but for society as well. This will not only give you inner peace, but you will feel satisfied by helping someone in need.

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    A thought-provoking thread by the author. Most of us enjoy Sundays either having fun and frolic with family and friends or going out for a movie or eating out or some other entertainment activity. Now, instead of doing all that, utilising our Sunday for a social cause or voluntary work is definitely a good idea. It will not appeal to everyone because people would say that after a hectic week loaded with work they want one day for amusement and entertainment. Still, there are people who are actually doing social and volunteer work during their holidays. Sometimes helping others and doing something for a social cause and the welfare of society also gives us immense satisfaction and happiness. What is the purpose of entertainment and amusement in our lives? Is it not simply for happiness and satisfaction? So if it is obtained by voluntary work why not to do it.
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    This a good idea from the author and it is good if we utilise our free time by serving the needy. But how many of us will do it? As far as I am concerned I donated money for old age homes and orphan homes but never went and served them anytime. My active life was spent in my career and even I have not given enough time to my family also. My family used to complain always that they were not able to talk to me even.
    Now I have some free time but so far I have not thought about this point. If really I want to go, I can go even on the working day also as I am a freelancer now.
    In this connection, I want to inform you that I took tuition to some poor and physically handicapped people during my PhD work and never charged any money for that. I used to give them some books also free of cost for their use. Later I changed my profession and as there was no teaching involved in my profession I could not continue the same.

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