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    Winners of the Sunday Surprise Spot Writing Contest

    Don't we all love surprises?! Three days ago we had one for you, to write on a given topic, namely, Sunday, and submit entries on that day itself. Although, to be frank, we were a little disappointed at the overall quality, nevertheless, a couple of writeups did stand out. We are also happy that we saw new participants, a good sign for future contests (there's going to be something really interesting next month!)

    The winner of the contest with a cash prize of Rs. 75/- is Umar. Congratulations!

    A few of the other entries will be given enhanced points and cash credits as well.
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    Congratulations to Umar on winning this surprise spot writing contest. I went through your contest entry, it is a very thought-provoking one. Through your write-up, you have aptly pointed out that there are no Sundays for the underprivileged. For them, every day is a tough day, where they have to toil hard just to survive. The comforts of life that many of us are so used to and take for granted are dreams for them.
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    Yes. The result went as expected. I thought his thread would win the awards and the same thing happened. It is well-conceived writing up and really there are people in India who never will have a holiday. My appreciation to the author. I wish he will continue his work in the coming days and win many more prizes. A good contest and the response is also good.
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    Hearty congratulations to Umar for being selected as winner of Sunday surprise poetry contest. You definitely deserve this prize.

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    Congratulations to Umar for being selected as winner of Sunday surprise poetry contest. Really It is very disappointed as many people participated in this contest but only one person declared winners. I hope that winner will continue his good work.

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    Congratulations to Umar for being selected as winner of Sunday surprise. Your write up was excellent and compel us to think about your thought provoking assertions. For the people struggling daily for their butter and breads, they don't have any Sundays in their working areas. They hardly get times for their rejoice. If by chance, they have the smiling face sometimes, it is the momentary pleasure for them and soon it fades out.
    I wish him all the best for his brilliant performance.

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    Dr. Sanchita Ranjan,

    Please note that this was not a poetry contest. I think you got confused with the other contest.

    Also, as mentioned, the jury panel was disappointed with the overall quality of the entries and hence only one prize was announced. In the contest announcement thread, too, it was announced as one prize only and that a consolation prize may be given.

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    Congratulations, Umar! You came up with the reality in your write-up. Many of us wait for Sundays but there are also many for whom Sunday is just like any other day. My best wishes to all the other participants and hope to see them participating with more enthusiasm in other contests too.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Many congrats, Umar, for emerging as the winner of the contest with a beautiful write-up on the given topic!

    The cash reward and points to the winner has been credited.

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    Congratulations Umar! Your post is actually worth winning.

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