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    This is the managerial way according to these people

    Many people thinking if commanding others is the way of managerial.

    When I went to one branch office of our company in Orissa, I was talking with the Branch In Charge. As I was in need of telephone directory of that city to fetch some local numbers, I asked the person to get the same. He immediately called some person by stroking calling bell. A man came from the next room for his call. He, the Service In charge asked the person came in to get the telephone directory for me. He immediately take the telephone directory from bottom of the table where the In charge sat. This the SIC would have taken but he showed his managerial style. I took this matter as their state people style and left as it is.

    On the other occasion, I went to a branch of famous bank in Chennai for depositing a cheque. The Bank official told me to put the cheque in drop box along with the challan. After putting the Challan and cheque I again approached the official for the seal of the bank get affixed. He nodded his head and called a peon from inside and told him to do so. The bank peon came from inside did so by taking the rubber stamp from the official's table itself. Instead the official would have given the rubberstamp to get myself affixed.

    What these are called whether managerial or laziness?
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    We are aware of Indian style of office working and any kind of there must be a boss and workers to carry forward the jobs. What the author has indicated with two examples is indicative of our styles to initiate the jobs. Of course, telephone directory could have been provided by the officer concerned approaching his assistant but that could have been violent of the system. Similarly dropping of a cheque along with the challan inside the box is not uncommon in the bank to get the amount credited in the account if the cheque shows the name of the beneficiary. The seal could have been affixed by the manager itself but again this could have been beyond the official norm. We cannot change the system prevailing in our system all of sudden.

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    But you will never see such instances in private offices. The concept of peon is not there in private offices. Even the MD will also get up and get his cup of tea from the teapot kept in his room. There was a concept of steno. Now stenos are also not there. Everybody will work themselves on their laptops.
    A manager has to see that the goods are delivered. As a site in charge, targets for him will be fixed and he has to meet them. If there is any lapse he has to face the music. When such responsibilities are there, he will be given some authority also. That authority should be used by the manager judiciously.
    But in government offices, we may be seeing the concept of peons. In earlier days every manager used to have a clerk who will be sitting outside the room on a table and go inside whenever the manager presses the calling bell. If a manager thinks that he is having every authority, he will be wrong. He has to think about his responsibility also.

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