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    Words from our elders will have some basic reasoning

    Present day youngsters are just ignoring elder's words. Some of them go one step above and ask for reasoning for their statements. Elders today did not ask for reasoning or question their elders when they were young and so they may not have answers to satisfy the youngsters. Further, they encourage the youngsters to ask questions or seek clarifications for everything by either answering them or clearing the scene silently.

    Recently, I read about an incident in this connection. Before some years, a person asked Late Sri Kirubananda Variyar, a Tamil spiritual discourse conductor, whether there was any benefit to us for offering milk to the Idols in Temples. 'My dear son!', Variyar responded, 'why you are taking that in that way? When you offer milk to a Temple Idol, you need milk, flowers etc. For this you buy milk from a milk vendor, flower from the florists etc. In that way you are supporting their business. You pay some fees in the Temple office for that Abhishekam (offering some sacred liquid to wet the idol) and that money is used for paying the workers in the Temple. Will they accept any money if you give it to them without any reason or will you even give money to such people otherwise? So by making such offerings you are indirectly helping others and it is that act, knowingly or unknowingly, that brings you blessings from God"

    So, I believe that there must be some reason behind every words of our elders.

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    That is true. Money is to be in circulation. It should not be in a place forever. By purchasing items we are encouraging trade and that trade is giving employment to many people and helping them in making their own and their family's livelihood. If we are not purchasing, money will not be in circulation and will lose its value.
    By purchasing milk we are creating a business for milk vendors. A good answer by the person. There will be reasoning behind every saying of our elders. But we may not be able to understand the same. We can't question their saying. Whether you follow them or not is your own decision but you have no right to criticize the saying of elders.
    One should understand what others are saying and one should try to make their own reasoning. During my childhood days, my parents and grandparents used to say many things and I never asked them why it is to be followed. But slowly I myself understood the reasons for their suggestions and I appreciate their knowledge.

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    Our relatives were offering us some valuable advice every moment but whatever the reason might be, we did not ask for any logic for their instructions. We followed their advice perfectly without questioning the justifiability behind such instructions. With the progress of time, we have new set of youngsters asking us to justify the reasons behind our observance of such practices. Naturally, we are silent on such issues.
    Though the seniors might not put forth any explanations for such situations, the youngsters should at least pay regard to their old generations. However, there is always a valid reason for such actions. The author has hinted taking examples of milk, flower and other items to be worshipped in the temple. At least, we are encouraging business offering them some profits by way of Abhisekham.

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