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    Is it good to tell the truth even if it hurts your ego?

    Being honest and truthful always is not easy. Sometimes even when we feel that if we want to hide something from our family members, you do not stick to it and tell what mistake we have committed our close family members although it might hurt our egos. However, I will say that the truth must be revealed so that you can live peacefully. For example, when you lose some big amount of money foolishly through a wrong investment or lent some money to someone and did not get it back, you feel like not telling about it your family members. By hiding the fact, you suffer from anxiety and lose your peace of mind. I feel it would be better, to tell the truth to any one of your family members and live in peace. What is your opinion?
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    The query by the author regarding revealing of truth always is not practical. It would rather depend upon the situation. At times, we become courteous in hiding some personal facts before the public by suppressing the reality but we may reveal the failure of our kids in examinations. Though interpretation would be somewhat different, we may blame his/ her ill-health while revealing his/ her failures to our closed circles but would not mind in telling harsh words to our wards for their negligence. Though the truth might be bitter at the first instance to the children but such a hard step being harsh could change their attitude for the better. Hence our decisions will vary according to the situations.

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    It is always better, to tell the truth always and to all. We should not hide the facts and we should not tell lies also. I have seen many people who hide the truth and try to manipulate the issues. But it is not correct and it may lead us to problems. But sometimes we can be silent. We need not tell either the truth or a lie. Certain issues by revealing to other family members, we may spoil their mood and they may get into a different mood. If we are not revealing the truth to them, they are not going to lose anything. In such instances, you can be silent so that you are not committal. If there is a loss to you, if you tell this fact to the other members of the family they will also feel sorry for the same and they will get into a sorrowful mood. In such instances, revealing the truth to them is of no use. So we have to judge issue by issue. Then only we should think about whether it is the right time to reveal the facts to the other members. But please remember that there should not be any secrets between the wife and the husband.
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    I agree with the author a lie big or small often makes our lives difficult especially if we are trying to hide something we have to tell more lies to let one lie safe and this increases stress and anxiety levels. It is better, to tell the truth, and be in an argument for once rather than suffering and causing pain to others as well.
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    Telling the truth may be advocated but I do not think there is anyone who did not lie in their lifetime. I am not encouraging the habit of telling lies but it becomes necessary to do so in some circumstances. Telling a lie may save the situation which everyone might have done it.
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    I am one who believes that truth is the best defence. It is my view that as far as possible one should tell truth.
    In this regard the following verse also has to be kept in mind:

    " Satyam brooyaat priyam brooyaat.,
    Na brooyaat satyam apriyam.
    Priyam cha naanrutham brooyaat.
    Esha dharmah sanatanah."

    Which briefly means ' to tell truth that is pleasant, not to speak truth that is unpleasant, but NEVER to speak UNTRUTH even if it is unpleasant'.
    When it says to speak pleasant truth, it just means to tell the truth in a pleasant and acceptable manner. The common example is when a doctor slowly and gradually broaches the state of a serious and critical patient to his relatives, without causing an instant shock; or when an advocate tells his client about the complications and difficulties in a case brought to him.

    The Upanishads say "Satyam vadha, Dharmam charah"- tell truth, tread the path of Dharamah.

    Our National Motto- inscribed in our National symbol- is " Satyameva Jayate' from Mundakopanishad. It means truth alone triumphs.

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    If you want to hide something from someone it is better not to discuss those things with anybody. You are the best judge of the situation and only if you are to save someone from injustice then you may tell a lie. Sometimes, a lie can save you for the moment but there may be every chance to get caught later on. To avoid such things one should not tell a lie. So, keep aside your ego and tell the truth if you have to tell something.

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    The basic accepted principle being 'never to lie', I would, at the cost of being contradicted, say that it is better to lie sometimes than, to tell the truth. Lying is considered a negative trait but, I feel, it is the intention behind a lie that makes it positive or negative, it depends upon the end result.

    Hiding the truth does not actually amount to telling a lie. It becomes a lie only when you not only hide a fact but also say something which is not true with the intention to cheat or deceive someone. Continuing the example quoted by Venkiteswaran sir, when a doctor tells his patient that there is nothing to worry and that he will be alright well knowing the critical condition of the patient, it cannot be termed a lie. What the doctor says may be untrue but it cannot be said to be a lie.

    You must tell the truth even if it hurts your ego when the situation demands it. One's ego will be hurt only when he is revealing a personal issue that would have an adverse effect on himself and on the one to whom the truth is being revealed. For example, if A says something bad about B to C. B asks C whether A has told him something about him. Here, C has to consider the total issue, the particular situation and the end result before deciding whether he has to divulge the conversation to B. C may tell the truth irrespective of the effect but he should hide facts, wholly or partially, if he feels that telling the truth can bring in negative results.

    What I mean to say is that one must not lie for the sake of it or to cheat someone but he may hide the truth if he feels that saying the truth will not be good in a particular circumstance. I am sure that we all lie at some point of time but that is okay as long the same is neither harmful to you or another. Truth is consistent while lies are not and so one should be careful and must avoid lies.

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