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    Do you think only children can grow up?

    If you have a child at your home she/he will grow up gradually and after a certain time, the child will be an adult. This is how nature behaves. We all age with time and this continues, though the physical growth of our structures stops after a certain age. When you were a child many times you may have heard the phrase 'When you will grow up?' from your parents or seniors after certain acts that they found pretty childish. You were also quite excited to grow up to be an adult like any other kid and after becoming an adult you realized how to deal with various things on this planet. Maybe at a certain time, you felt that remaining a child was much better as there were no responsibilities during that period but that is not the point here. What I am referring to here is the required maturity with age. You will find many adults quarrelling on trivial issues, engaging in fights among themselves which could be easily avoided or just arguing without knowing the complete details. Can we say such adults are behaving in a mature way? They have crossed a specific age and that's why they are called adults but not mature enough to act as responsible adults. They still have to grow up a lot. Such types of behaviour indicate that growing up is not specific to children; at times, adults also need to grow up.
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    Physically only children may grow up. But others also can grow up mentally and they can be more mature as they become old. I have seen some children behave very responsibly and much better than adults. My elder granddaughter who is 5 years old, will never leave any item in the wrong place. After using the item she will take it back and put the same in its original place. But many adults in our house leave the items after using them in the place of use only and never take them back to their original place. If my granddaughter sees such items, she will collect them and see they will be kept in their original places.
    Many adults get angry unnecessarily. Even some old people think about their own comfort but never pay attention to the problems of other people. There will be scope for all to grow up and behave more decently from time to time. So I never think that only children should grow up and I believe that there are chances for others also.

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    Normally many advise others but not following in their own cases. Similarly we all expect our children to act in matured way as per their age. We are telling them to act according to their age. But in television serials children are talking (made to talk) in an exorbitant manner over and above their age level. We like that to see but if the same our children talks our anger shoots to topmost level. A twelve year old child casually by overwhelming in her mind approached her father and talked to him in a pampering way. Suddenly without expecting by the child, the father shouted at her to talk properly according to her age. Her face got shrink and silently she move from the father and start to cry silently by sitting in a corner. Till date nobody knows the reason for the expectation of the father.
    As told by the author children grow up well in physique as well talking in many houses but the elders do not grow up to the extent of their age.

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