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    Can we apply precision formula for ISC responses.

    If we define the word it says the quality of exactness. Mathematically it says amount of information that conveyed by a number with its digits. Best example is weighing. If it exactly weigh the same weight with same value of digit how many times we weigh, it is said precise. Of late in many houses it is done as people are flying abroad. So the precise weight has to be carried as per the specification of the airlines.

    Coming to the thread topic, what is precision formula, it is fraction of correctly classified samples among the ones classified as positives where the positives may be termed as correct/incorrect or true/false or for/against.

    So here in ISC for any post responses may either for or against views from members so if we apply the formula for precision that is

    Precision = True positives/ (True positives + False positives (i.e total samples)) = TP/(TP + FP)

    Suppose in a debate we get 160 responses and among them there may be 105 responses are for and 55 are against

    the precision is = 105/ (105 + 55(i.e 160 total responses))= 0.65625.

    This is for the topic based thread on the topic precision
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    The formula suggested by the author seems to be quite innovative in evaluating the precision factor. Let us see the outcome of her penning activities in her upcoming TOW contest. Hope all the best for her writings for the contest.

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    An interesting narrative using the topical keyword.
    I appreciate the creative ability of the author, especially in a taunt about the forum responses.
    However my head started slightly spinning towards the end as I am not that precise in mathematical formulae.

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    Very interesting. These calculations will hold well when there are multiple responses to the thread. But when there are only two or three responses only the factor obtained may not be very accurate. But the calculation will be precise only. To get accurate weight we should calibrate the weighing machine and we have to take weight multiple times. The balances that are used in airports for measuring the weights are calibrated and that gives an accurate weight. They will take only one-time weight. But in our house, the balances we use may not have calibration also.
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    thank you members. As in op, we can also calculate precision for our thread responses with the number of responses received from others and our own responses. in my recent thread number around us it has 8 responses till my own two consecutive responses with 4 from others precision is 4/8 is 0.5.
    shasthranaam Ganitham moordhanisthitham

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    Kudos to the author for coming up with a topic that has never been thought of before. But there's a catch. This is not totally correct, in my opinion. Please correct me if I'm wrong. According to your thread, you said that "Suppose in a debate we get 160 responses and among them there may be 105 responses are for and 55 are against. the precision is = 105/ (105 + 55(i.e. 160 total responses))= 0.65625." However, I think that just because there are 105 comments in favor of the topic does not indicate those responses are correct. This will have an effect on the overall precision of that particular discussion issue.
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    @Ann Wilson
    Actually i wanted to edit with that, for that only I have opened the thread.

    But I am glad now I got a response precisely. Yes mostly those who post usually will have the idea of for. So if against is correct though you have not given the precision for against

    But mostly(like in any survey) majority wins. In my post itself it may be vice versa too. 105 may be against and 55 may be for.

    shasthranaam Ganitham moordhanisthitham

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