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    Let all of us develop an aptitude for Precision to work smarter, and not just harder

    This is a real-life story. It only informs and educates everyone on what can be done to work smarter in our lives. Some years ago, a relative of mine had some money of five hundred thousand rupees. The IT industry was opening up and jobs were there for the asking for those with a good background in Data Analytics. At around the same time, his close friend prompted him to simply buy the plot of land in a place, exactly 46 kilometers from Chennai city.

    The man's wife, a banker, had different ideas. Her own cousin had a flourishing career in the Gulf since he had good qualifications and experience in data analytics. She motivated her husband to spend the entire money and join the course offered by the SSN College, Chennai, in collaboration with IBM, on Data Analytics.

    She was proved right. The man came out with flying colors. He quit his job and took up a good job in Mumbai and then migrated to Australia. His wife took voluntary retirement and migrated to that country after a couple of years, with their 14-year-old son.

    Working smarter in our lives means taking timely decisions. Today, the same gentleman has purchased a big independent house in a superb gated community in South Chennai, where his aged parents are living a happy life. They are old, but all services, including good cooks or cooked food, are available on tap. The son sends a good decent amount for their needs as well.
    Hard work is a given. But smart work is a product of fertile minds. We need an element of risk in whatever we do. This is exactly the sure recipe for success in this ever-changing world.

    So, let us all develop the precision needed to work smarter, and then combine that with working harder. Merely working harder will not just do now.

    This is my entry for the Forum contest on "Precision"
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    Smart work is very important these days in addition to hard work. People who are smart may be going ahead very fast if they work hard. A smart person can come out with flying colours even if he is not a hard-working guy. The author is right in saying that smartness is the need of the hour. I have seen during my career, many smart people who moved ahead of hard-working guys. These days how you work is not very important but how you present your work is very important. I think in the real happening described by the author, the wife is smarter and she only advised her husband to go for acquiring a new skill which helps him a lot.
    always confident

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