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    Precision and accuracy in the talk is the need of the hour

    Precision is consistency. If there is no consistency, we can say that there is no precision. Precision and accuracy are different.

    When measuring a particular property, we require both accuracy and precision. A precise measurement need not be accurate. When the measured value is very near to the real value, the value will be considered accurate. If we take the observations multiple times and if all the measurements are nearby, we can say the measurement is precise. This is what we learn in our physics subject.

    We can apply the same analogy to the talks of human beings also. When a person talks about the same issue number of times and if he talks the same way always, we can say he is precise in his talk. If he changes his talk from time to time based on the situation, he is not precise. If a person always talks precisely, we will think that he is reliable and what he is telling may be a fact only. Generally, a person who tells truth only will be precise in his talk. A liar will never be precise in his talk. Some may be precise but not accurate. That means, they may be talking the same always but the information given by them is false or far away from the truth.

    These days many politicians change their talk from time to time based on the situation. Today they promise something and tomorrow they say, they never said that. This is an indication to say that these politicians are not precise and they are not accurate also. We can't rely on such politicians. Precise and accurate talk is the need of the hour.

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    Precision is consistency, I completely agree. In precision, we need not be accurate, but just the same value being repeated in a number of observations. But i am doubtful if the same analogy can be always applied to as humans as well. May be sometimes perhaps. Precision as we know is more related to measurements. As already mentioned by you, for us humans the term precise is more appropriate. Now precise means to be specific or to the point, not beating around the bush. It is more to do with speaking only that which is relevant to the topic being discussed. That's why we often see interviewers asking job applicants to be precise or specific while preparing resumes or when speaking about their accomplishments or work experiences. Same with interrogators and judges when speaking with witnesses.
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