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    Admitting mistakes and learning from them.

    We make mistakes in our daily lives but very few people admit, analyse and try to learn from them. Today, while taking a test in Class 4, I saw that one student was cheating. I didn't take any immediate action. When he submitted his copy I appreciated him that he did so well for the first time. He just smiled. After few minutes, I asked him calmly, 'You cheated, right'? He just started rolling his eyes here and there and admitted that he did it and apologized. Again I appreciated him for admitting his mistake. Hope from next time he will impress me with his capability.

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    That is true. Doing mistakes is common nowadays. But accepting that he did a mistake is a really good nature and a lot of courage is required for the same. To err is human. But we should learn from our mistakes and we should not repeat the same mistake again and again. But doing a mistake, again and again, is not a good trait even though the person admits that he did the mistake. One should leave such people without taking action. Cheating others is much more serious than doing a mistake. Boys and girls should be taught about values and we should tell them that cheating and deceiving others is not good and one should not do it.
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    The author is correct. Unless we admit our mistake we never correct the mistake done by us and we firm with our done one is not a mistaken one. This further increase our ego and vengeance on the other. Moreover we will not realize that what we did is mistake.

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    It is really a nice representation made by the author where she could be successful in moulding the behaviour of the child with her tactful talks. Normally a child of the nascent stage can be made realise their mistakes if he/ she is dealt with affectionately and such an ability is absent in common people. Some of teachers might make the issue complicated with unnecessary cajoling or torturing the kids instead of indulgence with polite talks to feel them they were in their wrong activities. The kids would accept their mistakes with showing a little amount of love and closeness. This is what is expected from the side of the teachers to make them sensible citizens with the inoculation of right habits in the innocent students.

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