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    Decisions without precision can lead to failure

    Taking a decision is an important task. Many of us have experienced the adverse effects of a wrong decision and when it affects us the blame game starts to find the decision-maker even if the decision is taken by self. Now let's see where we go wrong at times while taking a decision.

    Planning is always necessary along with good knowledge on the matter and there is another important aspect that cannot be overlooked which I am trying to emphasize with an example.

    A fire broke out in an old building in a congested place and after proper investigation, it is found that it is because of a short circuit. All stakeholders met to design a fireproof plan for the building and decided to renew the wiring and complete electrical fittings of the building to prevent further incidents of fire. The electricians did the job and the supervision was done with precision. After completion, they applied for a NOC from the fire department but they were denied as the building didn't have fire prevention measures. Surprisingly, the stakeholders never thought of this important aspect though they all met and took a decision. When they started designing the fireproof plan, only the cause of the fire was there in their minds and they never thought of whether the plan can be implemented properly. To decide on the implementation of any plan the implementer has to be consulted and here the implementer is the fire department, despite not being the owner of the building as they will issue the NOC as well as douse the flames if there is any fire.

    How the decision will be implemented is an important aspect and also a part of a good decision. Precision must be there in the decision-making process where one has to find out the best available options. So, it can be said that there is a high chance of failure if there is no precision while making a decision.

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    That is true. Precision in taking a decision is very much required. What are the inputs required for taking a correct decision ? Logical thinking, subject knowledge and some experience are important for taking a decision. One should think and plan for a correct decision. Sometimes we may have to consult some outsiders to come to a correct decision and we should not hesitate to consult them. Sometimes time may become a constraint and we may have to take some quick decisions. FO taking such decisions our past experience will come in handy.
    Precision in the decision is always a prerequisite for one to be successful. Even though we take a little more time to come to a decision it is always better to come out with a good decision. At the same time not taking a decision may be much worst than taking a wrong decision.
    But how can we know that the decision taken is precise? It will be known only after implementing the decision and seeing the end result.

    always confident

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